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293,25 zł 345,00 zł
MIB 3 LED wall lamp is a modern, technical lighting design. This wall lamp made of metal with led light creates not only a decorative effect, but also provides the ideal angle of emission. And it works perfectly as a spot lighting in offices but also as a gently illumination of bedroom or kitchen.

859,00 zł
This technical lamp made in Scandinavian style is a simple and efficient form of lighting. Lamp exudes chilly elegance. Mobile fittings allows for emission of the light in any angle. It will fit in the studio, living room, or in public buildings.

345,00 zł
Desk lamp Skanska distinctive original appearance as interesting, functional lighting. Its nice oval metal shade ideally suited as an additive standing arrangement desk. The lamp also recommended as additional lighting modern bedroom. His universal form and color refers to the modern style.

149,00 zł
Long Bas wall lamp - impressive design combined with simplicity and classic. Carefully designed with high quality materials, this series of lamps provides a high demand for this product. The minimalism of this interesting lamp will fit in with different interior designs.

109,00 zł
Bas Square wall lamp is a modern and exclusive wall lamp made of white colored metal. Designer diffuser with a folded sheet gives an interesting light reflecting off the walls, which providesan intimate lighting. It will be a great, minimalistic accent in the bedroom.

106,25 zł 125,00 zł
Attractive wall lamp with hemispheric shade made of white colored metal. Functional diffuser with adjustable position allows to direct the angle of light in the desired direction. Recommended as additional lighting in the bedroom, bathroom, hallway.

479,00 zł
Two-point ceiling lamp that looks like reflectors allows You to illuminate the selected location. This lamp is the perfect decorative accent and a good lighting source. Fits in modern and industrial interiors. Also arranges the character of a restaurant or cafe in a similar style.

205,00 zł
Designer Movie Led wall lamp, inspired by the shape of the studio lighting. Integrated into our interior is not only a source of light, but also a unique touch in our midst.

245,00 zł
Suspension Solo is an icon factory, industrial style. Made from a combination of concrete and metal, equipped with a light bulb Led become functional lighting living room, dining room and bedroom.

219,00 zł
Concrete table lamp Tab Led by the factory, simple form. Lamp base is made of concrete, referring to the style of industrial and loft. A subtle form of light with warm light becomes a romantic element in the living room and bedroom.

LED Lamps

LED lamps

have much longer vitality and are more effective that standard incandescent lamps – they consume less energy to produce light, which makes operating costs much cheaper. LED lamps lights themselves with maximum brightness in less than a second, while also remaining unimpressed to frequent switching on and off. All this makes them great inside technical lamps and those with movement sensor.