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  • Pendant Lamps

    A wide range of Pendant lamps with interesting styling and an original design. Ideal fulfilling its role as a kitchen lamps and for all kinds of interiors.

  • Wall lamps

    A wide range of wall lights, lamps allowing their mounting on walls. We offer wall lamps to business premises as well as those more aesthetically pleasing interiors of residential and office space.

  • Floor Lamps

    We offer stylish floor and standing lamps to match any interior. Ideal fulfill its role as a lamp for the living room, bedroom or office.

  • Ceiling Lamps

    A wide range of interesting stylized ceiling lamps, which are flat lamps placed on the ceiling.

  • Plafony sufitowe | Spoty
  • Reflektory
  • Table Lamps

    A wide range of stylish table and desk lamps with high aesthetics, matching different types of interiors. Small size lamps easily integrate into all interiors including modern and industrial style.

  • Lampy biurkowe
  • Technical lighting

    Technical lighting

    for commercial interiors such as shops, exhibitions and public utilities. Lighting is characterized by longevity and high quality. Technical lamps give your room a professional look.

  • Industrial Lamps |...

    Lofts are interiors stylized as an old industrial facility. Such designs simply has to have a dedicated industrial lamp – BlowUpDesign offers both industrial and loft lamps in a very wide range of products: from little and simple raw lamps up until huge, original designs right from the production line. Our offer will fit inside every interior, making it an industrial piece of art.

  • Concrete Lamps

    Concrete Lamps and Gypsum Lamps.

    Concrete - also known as artificial stone, concrete was developed and was used in the construction industry in Assyria, then in ancient Rome .. so the theory. Concrete is not a material lightweight and portable, but deserves our attention by slip out of those assigned characteristics. Present a collection of concrete furniture, many of which impresses with its simplicity, also being the "tolerably" heavy. Classic construction and filling of large urban spaces sneaks into your house in a little less concrete form of furniture.

    Concrete Lamps no regard for conventions - are unusual lighting, which in a very interesting way to highlight the modern spaces.

  • Wood Lamps

    A lamp made of classic wood presents itself as well as an elegant chair or table. Wooden lamps are untypical design that gains more and more popularity across the world. They will bring an original character inside the interior – their style fits perfectly with other things inside the room, yet their overall originality and look will catch the eye of every guest.

  • Copper Lamps

    Copper and brass lamps

    are very stylish and also practical lighting. Copper color creates and atmosphere of warm and elegance in every place it comes to. The lamps listed below are a perfect addition to an industrial and loft designs, but not only to those – brass and copper lamps will fit greatly in every interior because of the versatility of their style and color.

  • Glass Lamps

    Glass is the most classic material, from which the lighting is made of. In our offer you can find glass lamps for every occasion: huge chandeliers, decorative shades, small pendant lamps designed for personal space, as well as extraordinary elegant models for areas designed for guests – our glass lamps will create a stylish atmosphere in every kind of interior.

  • Cage Lamps

    We’re offering you cage lamps that will not limit your space, but rather do just the opposite – expand the horizons of and elegant design. It is a specific type of lamps, in which the bulb is “surrounded” by the shade, which spreads the light all across the area, creating a dynamic game of shades and lights. Cage lamps are a great way to create a dynamic lighting inside an interior design.

  • LED Lamps

    LED lamps

    have much longer vitality and are more effective that standard incandescent lamps – they consume less energy to produce light, which makes operating costs much cheaper. LED lamps lights themselves with maximum brightness in less than a second, while also remaining unimpressed to frequent switching on and off. All this makes them great inside technical lamps and those with movement sensor.

  • Scandinavian Lamps

    Scandinavian lamps

    are well known for their simple forms and unified color. Some of them stand out with additional, small elements like wood, however in majority, they stand as a one big, harmonious whole. Scandinavian lamps are made with true elegance and versatility – their shapes will highlight every interior, while becoming a stylish addition to the overall effect.

  • Outdoor Lighting

    Outdoor lamps

    are very practical lighting resistant for weather conditions, thus giving it a wide range of usage. Our garden lamps will perfectly light up your neighborhood: property entrance, paths leading to front door and garage, as well as benches, bowers and other places designed for social goals. They will also light up your garden, turning the guests attention onto this very prideful place.

  • Bulbs

    Decorative bulb

    is a very simple way to make a designer lamp even more beautiful and even more interesting. We offer you bulbs with unusual look and style that will provide bright and warm light, making your interior design even more interesting – for both you and all your guests.

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748,65 zł 805,00 zł
Modern pendant lamp Bowi large diameter, become a perfect element of lighting is not only functional but also decorative. His versatile shape and color blends with the modern and at the same time Scandinavian interior design.

459,00 zł
A striking retro lamp Spin S is a combination of two styles - classic and modern so that the lamp becomes a stylish piece of equipment. Delicate, subtle lines and simple shape perfectly will be used in the kitchen, living room, dining room and youth room.

339,00 zł
Impressive ceiling lamp for the kitchen or the living room of Bet Shade Tall with an elongated shape. Made entirely of aluminum, exterior painted in gold or silver, but in the middle of the color gold charm you. Due to the color and the shape of this light metal, gives the whole elegant feel. Ideally suited to the lamp room, parlor, kitchen or study room.

319,00 zł
Impressive ceiling lamp for the kitchen or the living room of Bet Shade Tall with an elongated shape. Made entirely of aluminum, exterior painted in gold or silver, but in the middle of the color gold charm you. Due to the color and the shape of this light metal, gives the whole elegant feel. Ideally suited to the lamp room, parlor, kitchen or study room.

319,00 zł
Stylized Bet Shade Fat pendant lamp with an unusual shape. Lamp made ​​entirely of aluminium.The cover is painted in gold both inside and outside, which adds it an elegant appearance. Fits best as a kitchen, dining room or living room lighting.

309,00 zł
Bet stylish designer lamp Bet Shade Wide of modern elegance, and the golden interior finish. This lamp is the perfect lighting hanging on to your house or apartment. Original design best fits as lighting living room, kitchen or office.

319,00 zł
Bet stylish designer lamp Shade Wide of modern elegance, and the golden interior finish. This lamp is the perfect lighting hanging on to your house or apartment. Original design best fits as lighting living room, kitchen or office.

229,50 zł 255,00 zł
The Nexus lamp, made by danish company Nordlux is usually preferred by the enthusiasts of scandinavian design style. The beauty, subtleness and simplicity creates a harmony that will create a unique atmosphere of the interior. This lamp is perfect for high rooms and chilling areas.

323,10 zł 359,00 zł
Very stylish and pretty wall lamp with a sleek and subtle look, lighting definitely made for fashionable and interiors.

449,10 zł 499,00 zł
Nexus table lamp is a nice accent for all those who like simplicity and minimalism. Made of high quality metal with excellent form, it will find many supporters. Perfectly illuminates the desk, a place in the lab, as well as reading corner.

539,10 zł 599,00 zł
New product of scandinavian company Ivorollux. The lamp has a hinge, so that you can adjust the angle of light emission in a range of 90 degrees. Simple setting, careful finish and well preserved proportions.

323,10 zł 359,00 zł
Modern lighting ceiling lamp series Float ensures perfect stylistic effect and light. This was designed with great care lamp fills the interior of a peaceful, non-dazzling light. The lamp hung over the table in the dining room or kitchen enjoyable meals.

449,10 zł 499,00 zł
Stylish pendant lamp Float is an excellent form of modern lighting and industrial design. An interesting look and shape provide functional and decorative lighting kitchen and dining room. From inside the lens produces a glare-free light that nicely emphasizes the whole interior. The lamp is available in two colors.

616,50 zł 685,00 zł
Scandinavian style lighting has become increasingly popular in interior design. Beautiful designer lamp shade Float made of metal gives it its original appearance. In an original way will give the clarity of the interior, which will hang. Lamp recommended for stylish kitchen, dining room or living room.

445,50 zł 495,00 zł
Modern pendant lamp Fascino distinguished by remarkable design. This lamp is made entirely of metal. Its modernist form that will make not only a source of pleasant light, but also a great decorative element. This lamp will complement any stylish interior. Perfectly illuminate place over the table in the dining room and living room. The lamp in the...

323,10 zł 359,00 zł
Suspension Slop Black S on a slender, nice shape perfectly suited to the room lighting.

323,10 zł 359,00 zł
Avant-garde hanging lamp Anniversary of interesting flat lens is designed for lovers of the severity and uniqueness. Beautifully illuminate the table in the kitchen, dining room or living room. Add charm and splendor inside the restaurant or cafe.

361,77 zł 389,00 zł
Fashionable pendant lamp with unusual design. An attractive shade brings an interesting accent into the room with it's beautifull light. It will fit greatly in bedroom, living room as well as a kichen or dining room table. Recommended for both modern and classic interiors.

287,10 zł 319,00 zł
Scandinavian form of the lamp Pure will find many fans who appreciate the beauty and minimalism. The lamp is made of metal, in three colors. Finds practical use as a spotlight on the bar or table. The lamp looks impressive both solo and in groups.

449,10 zł 499,00 zł
Simple and beautiful form of the lamp Karma is kept in cool Scandinavian style. Beautifully crafted details bring a breath of freshness and lightness. The glass lamp shade illuminate the interior of a blissful and subtle light, providing a cozy atmosphere. The lamp is recommended to fans of minimalism in a modern setting.

539,10 zł 599,00 zł
Suspension Karma refers in its form to the Scandinavian style. With its simple yet very universal form excels in the bedroom and the living room in a Scandinavian style, as the light source. This lamp is also recommended as light cafés or restaurants.

203,67 zł 219,00 zł
Kullen is a lamp with a modern original form, its a complement for moderately decorated interiors, such as living room, bedroom, etc. White lampshade provide spacious light. Lamp base is made of wood in an oak color.

100,00 zł 125,00 zł
Attractive wall lamp with hemispheric shade made of white colored metal. Functional diffuser with adjustable position allows to direct the angle of light in the desired direction. Recommended as additional lighting in the bedroom, bathroom, hallway.

101,37 zł 109,00 zł
Bas Square wall lamp is a modern and exclusive wall lamp made of white colored metal. Designer diffuser with a folded sheet gives an interesting light reflecting off the walls, which providesan intimate lighting. It will be a great, minimalistic accent in the bedroom.

138,57 zł 149,00 zł
Long Bas wall lamp - impressive design combined with simplicity and classic. Carefully designed with high quality materials, this series of lamps provides a high demand for this product. The minimalism of this interesting lamp will fit in with different interior designs.

95,20 zł 119,00 zł
Interesting hanging lamp with an attractive cone-shaped lampshade. Excellent line of light directed down clearly illuminates the selected place. This practical lamp fits in almost every style of interior.

237,15 zł 279,00 zł
Ceiling Lighting - Lamp Bas is a series that reflect current trends. Hemispheric shade is made of high quality metal in white color.It creates mood lighting and decorative form. This exceptional lamp will have a great effect in the dining room, living room or kitchen.

371,07 zł 399,00 zł
Extremely beautiful and practical table lamp Bas with its streamlined hemisphere shape. This lamp can be easily transferred to any place providing soft lighting in the bedroom, living room or office. The light will be a subtle decoration of our room.

463,50 zł 515,00 zł
Wall lamp Cult additional light source for modern and industrial design. Wall lamp made of metal in black or gray. By adjusting the lens, the light beam can be directed at any angle to the desired location. The lamp can be mounted in the reading corner or in the bedroom.

674,10 zł 749,00 zł
Very nice desk lamp Cult is made of high quality metal. Adjusting the tilt lens allows optimally direct the light anywhere. The lamp is ideal for desk, bedside or to the studio.

224,10 zł 249,00 zł
Nowoczesny designerski kinkiet ścienny ze składanym ramieniem, oraz ruchomym kloszem. Lampa zapewni punktowe światło, które jest niezbędne do czytania w naszym kąciku. Równie dobrze sprawdzi się, jako dodatkowe intymne oświetlenie w sypialni lub salonie. Modernly designed wall lamp with folding arm and movable shade. Roma lamp will provide a spotlight,...

315,27 zł 339,00 zł
Kolding table lamp, a retro-modern design. The lamp is made of metal, the black-colored patina. Lamp shade which is placed on an adjustable tube, so that we can properly direct the light source. Perfectly illuminates a desk or a place on the dresser in the bedroom.

417,57 zł 449,00 zł
Kolding standing lamp with especially elegant form will settle well in the industrial-style interiors, but also in modern one. The lamp is adjustable in height. It perfectly emphasizes the character of the interior, lighting the living room or bedroom.

346,50 zł 385,00 zł
Hanging Mib 6 lamp is the ideal product for the enthusiasts of minimalistic design and loft interiors. The reflector is freely adjustable, so the light can be optimally directed to the selected area. The lamp will hang over the table top in an apartment office or studio.

229,50 zł 255,00 zł
Ceiling lamp Mib 6 is mounted on the rail, which makes it easy to move.The direction of the light is possible to move with the lampshade. This is a great lamp for both loft-style as well as modern interiors. It will fit perfectly in an office, cabinet or living room.

229,50 zł 255,00 zł
MIB 6 - this stylish wall lamp brings unusual, scandinavian-style accent into interiors. The lamp adjusts the angle of light emission, which provides excellent lighting in the office, studio, living and youth room.

310,50 zł 345,00 zł
MIB 3 LED wall lamp is a modern, technical lighting design. This wall lamp made of metal with led light creates not only a decorative effect, but also provides the ideal angle of emission. And it works perfectly as a spot lighting in offices but also as a gently illumination of bedroom or kitchen.

773,10 zł 859,00 zł
This technical lamp made in Scandinavian style is a simple and efficient form of lighting. Lamp exudes chilly elegance. Mobile fittings allows for emission of the light in any angle. It will fit in the studio, living room, or in public buildings.

320,85 zł 345,00 zł
Desk lamp Skanska distinctive original appearance as interesting, functional lighting. Its nice oval metal shade ideally suited as an additive standing arrangement desk. The lamp also recommended as additional lighting modern bedroom. His universal form and color refers to the modern style.

231,57 zł 249,00 zł
A simple, yet interesting designer lamp complements the trendy kitchen and tabletop lighting.

204,00 zł 255,00 zł
Subtle, modern ceiling lamp with interesting design is a complement to trendy interior design. Perfectly fits the mood of the warm kitchen and living room.

219,00 zł
Model Tray to nawiązujące do klasyki designu oświetlenie wiszące. Typowy, nieskomplikowany kształt klosza zaskakuje nie pomysłem, a solidnym wykonaniem ze stali lakierowanej na jeden z czterech kolorów oraz szkła. To uniwersalna lampa o w klasycznym stylu

439,00 zł
Lampa wisząca Tray L to większy model z tej samej serii oświetlenia wiszącego. Podobnie jak wersja M cechuje się wytrzymałą budową, klasycznym designem klosza oraz czterema kolorami do wyboru. Zasadniczą różnicą jest możliwość regulowania wysokości modelu

975,57 zł 1 049,00 zł
Simple and functional form of the pendant lamp Legend perfectly fits in many different arrangements. The lampshade is made of textile material with wood and metal finishing. It will serve very well over the tabletop in the kitchen, dining room as well as a youth room.

557,07 zł 599,00 zł
Excellent Legend functional table lamp is made for interior design, both modern and minimalistic. The regulation system allows to set the angle of the light depending on our needs. Perfect for industrial designs as well as modern lofts.

194,37 zł 209,00 zł
Stylish, modern lamp that beautifully blends with minimalist interior design. It will provide not only the spotlight, but will also be a decorative element. Lighting for over the table, dining room and kitchen.

305,00 zł
Designerska lampa Highway wyprodukowana z wytrzymałej stali zawieszona jest na solidnym łańcuchu, który dodaje jej surowości i czyni intrygującą. Ten loftowy design idealnie sprawdzi się w pomieszczeniach industrialnych, ale nie tylko - kształt klosza jes

289,00 zł
Nowoczesna kolekcja lamp Praga S to niewielki rozmiar, solidny materiał i industrialny charakter, podkreślany dzięki zastosowaniu zabiegów stylistycznych: dodania tabliczki seryjnej i zastosowaniu bruzd w materiale klosza. To elegancki design, który posłuży nam do dodatkowego oświetlenia wybranych punktów większej aranżacji.

419,00 zł
Seria Praga została zaprojektowana z myślą o wnętrzach loftowych i industrialnych, podobnie jak inne modele z polskiej serii LoftLight. W związku z jej niewielkim rozmiarem dobrym pomysłem będzie zawieszenie kilku lamp niedaleko od siebie, tak, aby całe pomieszczenie wypełniło się mocnym światłem (max. 60W) oraz ciekawym, industrialnym charakterem.

369,00 zł
Designerska lampa wisząca Indica L o dużej średnicy i uniwersalnym charakterze doskonale nadaje się do wnętrz industrialnych oraz loftów dzięki zastosowaniu umyślnych przetarć i tabliczki z numerem seryjnym. Uniwersalny, szary kolor sprawia, że model ten odnajdzie się też w innych typach aranżacji.

157,17 zł 169,00 zł
Do you have a taste for classic forms without unneccesary decorations? You can mount Boris lamp both on the table in dining room and kitchen as well as in the hallway or lobby. 

259,47 zł 279,00 zł
Industrial style and raw form of Tonga series are lamps that brings both traditional and modern interiors back to life. Perfectly adds a warm climate in every room of the apartment.

395,12 zł 449,00 zł
Designer lamp in loft / industrial style. This is one of the models in our extensive collection of industrial lamps often used in interior lofts and flats for a more severe form. Made of metal and quite extensive in size, will focus the attention of visitors. During loft lighting composing you do not have to look for other addisions - this design does not...

222,27 zł 239,00 zł
Tripod standing lamp Studio - inspired by the design and lighting of studio lamps. This lamp with and industrial character will let you feel like you are on a scene in your own house. Beautifully fits in both private and public interiors due to its functionality.

501,27 zł 539,00 zł
Beautiful, industrial style of this lamp is not just a lighting component, but an attractive and decorative appearance. Simple raw form and aesthetic lampshade made of metal will be the perfect finishing in many interiors.

971,85 zł 1 045,00 zł
The unique charm of this interesting lamp is a combination of three sources of light. Made of high quality stainless graphite color, it perfectly highlights the interior space in a loft style.

278,07 zł 299,00 zł
This industrial lamp made of high quality galvanized steel in dark graphite, is not only the perfect lighting, but also a unique form. It adds an attractive appearance to our kitchen, dining room or a modern living room. It will also serve well as a restaurant or cafe finish.

265,05 zł 285,00 zł
Large, industrial pendant lamp made of steel in antique black bronze color. Especially attractive shade with a great line, which is directed downwards, well illuminates a large table in the dining room or the living room. Lamp, due to its functionality, works very well in both private and public interiors.

169,15 zł 199,00 zł
Wall lamp Ekelund is an additional source of light in modern and industrial atmosphere. The lamp is made of metal in black bronze color highlights the character of the interior. The movable glass shade provides a pleasant lighting in the reading corner, next to the bed, but also in the bathroom or hallway.

445,47 zł 479,00 zł
Extremely artistryEkelund Floor lamp resembles an old street lamp. Designer cover, careful craftmanship and stable base is supported are the attributes that makes it unique. This exceptional lamp will surely find many buyers delighted by it's amazing appearance.

324,57 zł 349,00 zł
Interesting pendant lamp Ekelund Double with two diffusers made of steel in antique black bronze color. It's design refers to the raw English decor. This ceiling lamp delights the eyes with it's originality and color. The lamp will beautifully cast light in the dining room over the kitchen table, as well as in the living room. It will illuminate the...

231,57 zł 249,00 zł
Grimmstad wall lamp, an additional source of light in a modern and industrial style. The lamp is made of antique silver-colored metal, which highlights the character of the interior. The movable glass shade will provide pleasant lighting in the reading corner, next to the bed, or in the living room.

157,17 zł 169,00 zł
Very nice desk lamp made of high quality metal. Adjusting the tilt lens allows optimally focus the light on a selected area. Lamp perfectly blends with the modern interior. It can be moved to any place, adding a nice romantic light. Perfect for a desk, reading on the bedside table or in the studio.

319,00 zł
Shawshank 2 pendant lamp is designed for customers looking for unusual lighting. The lamp is made of steel and brass, and an interesting bulb raises an unusual design style of the lamp. It fits in many industrial and loft interiors.
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269,00 zł
Small, tasteful Shawshank Mini wall lamp delights with it'ss minimalism and taste. The lamp's interesting bulb made of steel and brass comes to the fore. It will fit perfectly in a raw interior.

369,00 zł
Raw Glass wall lamp, made of beautiful etched glass and brass housing. It will serve very well as a additional lighting while complementing the main one. This wall lamp very nicely fits in with modern and industrial interior.

319,00 zł
Outlined the latest trends Raw Glas lamp with a lampshade made of etched glass, looks like a small umbrella. It emphasizes the charm of a large bulb, which is also a decorative motif. In an interesting way to illuminate the interior of the living room, dining room or bedroom.

41,65 zł 49,00 zł
Skot wall lamp with different case colors and a protective grille. Universal lighting for terraces, verandas and garages. Recommended as an industrial lighting for both insides and outsides.

269,00 zł
Excellent, designer pendant lamp Alcatraz is an expression of the highest craftsmanship. It is possible to mount the tube-shaped bulb inside the lamp cover, which will increase its appearance value. The lamp hangs perfectly in many interiors designed in raw style.

233,10 zł 259,00 zł
Rustical, stylish lamp with raw, yet overwhelming appearance. Shade and chain are made of galvanized steel. This lamp is designed for loft and industrial, but also modern interiors. The lighting emitted by this product is non-blinding.

162,75 zł 175,00 zł
Stylized wall lamp Strömstad conjures up delightful mood light. The casing is made with the highest precision with chromed metal combined with glass, which captures the designer look of the lamp. It is perfect for indoors designed in cold, Scandinavian style.

268,77 zł 289,00 zł
Stylish and designer pendant lamp Strömstad, inspired by the latest fashion trends. Chandelier in a cold Danish style that enhances the aesthetic value of the interior. Well presents itself as the main dining room or living room lighting.

232,75 zł 245,00 zł
Suspension Solo is an icon factory, industrial style. Made from a combination of concrete and metal, equipped with a light bulb Led become functional lighting living room, dining room and bedroom.

259,00 zł
Betonowa lampa ścienna Orto dopełni aranżacje w surowym stylu loftowym i industrialnym. Sprawdzi się jako oświetlenie dodatkowe w salonie, holu czy restauracji i kawiarni. Concrete wall lamp Orto will complete arrangements in loft and industrial style. Recommended as additional lighting in the living room, hall or restaurants and cafes.

389,00 zł
Lamp Febe XS is the next model in the series of concrete lamp Febe. Made of natural material as the concrete is a straight bell-shaped and finished with stainless steel. Each lamp is made by hand, which makes that each model is unique and special. Lamp its form reminiscent of the style loft, where he will check not only the lighting but also as a...

246,45 zł 265,00 zł
Solo Lamp - hanging concrete lamp nice, stylish shape. Its form is inspired by the loft and raw industrial style. The lamp looks great in gurpie lamp series Solo of various shapes and sizes, while creating a unique atmosphere in the room. Solo recommended as lighting over the dining table and the living room lighting.

240,87 zł 259,00 zł
Slim, designer lamp inspired by the latest lighting trends. The lamp conjures up inviting mood light. It will illuminate beautifully the place over the table and liquor cabinet. It looks great both solo and in a group of lamps. Greatly fits in modern cafes and restaurants.

185,07 zł 199,00 zł
The advantage of Asnen lamp is a universal design that will fit in both modern and classic style. The shade gives a pleasant light, providing perfectly lit area. It is also a decorative element, which fits well in kitchen, dining room and living room.

209,25 zł 225,00 zł
Asnen pendant chandelier is a modern interior lighting. Aesthetic lenses made of glass scatter light laterally, but also guides them directly down. The lamp can be installed in the kitchen, dining room or the living room.

125,10 zł 139,00 zł
This designer binding for the selected bulb is a perfect decoration for a hanging lamp. In comparison with any Funk series lampshade it creates an interesting and beautifull kind of kitchen, dining room and living room lighting.

405,00 zł
Modern, hanging glass lamp Sphere, with its shade design gives it unique style. The lamp will fit perfectly in the kitchen, dining room, youth room and office.

94,50 zł 105,00 zł
The subtle and pretty glass lamp Cafe, as the name suggests presents itself nicely as a light for cafes and other places of similar dimensions which can be arranged with different lamp sizes and compositions. Also fits well in houses and flats, lighting the living room or kitchen.

189,00 zł
Interesting and cheap lamp series MBS insp Mirror Ball. Their metallic glass performance and a simple spherical shape of the lamp gives the classical form but also an elegant design that will present itself as a great modern lighting for the living room, or in the form of a modern kitchen lamps, lighting for offices and hallway.

185,00 zł
Designer pendant lamp Planet is a classic shape and form of the lamp, which was dressed in a current, modern design. Thanks to the open bottom of the lampshade light falls on a specific point, but the relatively large size of the opening makes an angle of incidence of light is quite extensive. This favors the light of concrete decorative elements whose...


Lamps for living room

or to any other interior can fit in your climate and taste. We introduce the most fashionable selection of lamps and selected from a number of transient models. Fashion design and style; floor lamps, pendant lamps, lamps for living room or kitchen lamps ensure light to any room. Lighting is an indispensable part of our apartment house. Fashionable and stylish lamps are the living room, which will significantly improve not only the lighting, but also the decor.