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Skot wall lamp with different case colors and a protective grille. Universal lighting for terraces, verandas and garages. Recommended as an industrial lighting for both insides and outsides.

399,00 zł
Stylish and effective Onion lamp is a perfect complement to the decoration of the living room, dining room or living room. The lamp is made of plywood in its natural color. Hanging lamps for the living room in this category are made by hand, so that customers receive an original and unique product that will become an extraordinary interior decoration. The...

229,00 zł
Modern transparent chair with surprising, fashionable design that emphasizes the arrangement of living room, dining room and youth room. This trendy piece of furniture also perfectly serves as a patio, garden or cafe chair.

224,10 zł 249,00 zł
Nowoczesny designerski kinkiet ścienny ze składanym ramieniem, oraz ruchomym kloszem. Lampa zapewni punktowe światło, które jest niezbędne do czytania w naszym kąciku. Równie dobrze sprawdzi się, jako dodatkowe intymne oświetlenie w sypialni lub salonie. Modernly designed wall lamp with folding arm and movable shade. Roma lamp will provide a spotlight,...

199,00 zł
Stylish wooden chair Norden Cross combines retro style and modern product. Its unique aesthetic design and the usage (puree) colors, stool great find as chair Dining room, living room chair or a chair in a restaurant.

179,00 zł
High metal with a stable base stand with its original style, is an essential element in the equipment of many apartments. It looks like a tree with cut branches. It will serve not only the role of space for clothes, but interesting to underline the character of a modern hall.

229,00 zł
Fashionable, colorful chair made of polypropylene, with a stable backrest and comfortable seat. Affordable furniture for modernly designed kitchen and dining room.

199,00 zł
These stylized chair is a proposition that will perfectly fit in spacious loft interiors. It's original pastel colors perfectly suits the role of modern dining room, kitchen and living room chairs. It will be a distinct accent in trendy areas of public utilities, serving as an extravagant café and restaurant furniture.

219,00 zł
Paris Back insp. Tolix chair is a model checker as a modern chair into the living room, dining room and kitchen. Also recommended fashionable public utility spaces. It also has its admirers among fans and industrial-style loft. Very versatile, they can be used both inside and outside because of the persistent finish. Strong and robust design chair...

159,00 zł
Eyes Cold to seria eleganckich lamp o prostym wyglądzie, który nawiązuje budową klosza do struktury reflektora. To uniwersalny design, który sprawdzi się w każdym typie aranżacji dzięki swojej uniwersalnej budowie i minimalistycznemu stylowi wykonania.

289,00 zł
Paris chair Wood is another model from a wide series of Paris.

179,00 zł
Rush DSW chair is the next model in the series of chairs Rush.

199,00 zł
Stylized bar stool Paris insp. Tolix made of steel - strong and durable metal construction. The material is resistant to damage and scratching and at the same time it provides an interesting and innovative arrangement in vintage style. Paris bar stool will perfectly fit in the kitchen, eating room and bar.

69,00 zł
Remarkable warped form of trash "BIN BIN" makes that this everyday object becomes a room decoration. Even so usual element like this trash can become an object that will catch the eye of others.

145,00 zł
Designer wall-ceiling lamp, inspired by the shape of the studio lighting. Integrated into our interior is not only a source of light, but also a unique touch in our midst.

349,00 zł
Chair Norden Cross Peak is another model from a wide series of chairs Norden.

269,00 zł
Cheap and very comfortable chair made of polypropylene. Several versions of colors allows the perfect composition for your interior, but not only that - the model will also fit on the terrace or balcony because it is resistant to weather conditions. Nood chair is a versatile option for those looking for modern, designer furniture at affordable prices.

339,00 zł
Impressive table with a wide range of colors made from polypropylene and fiberglass. The use of plastics provides maximum resistance to weather condition. Perfectly suited for the veranda.

249,00 zł
Chair Norden Cross Black is another model from a wide series of chairs Norden.

259,00 zł
Bar stool Paris High Wood is another model from a wide series of Paris.

599,00 zł
Comfortable, modern swivel Mercury armchair, made of eco leather and solid fiberglass. The chair is perfect for the living room, and public utility places.

299,00 zł
Effective, designer, transparent chair Bibi. Perfect, and at the same time interesting combination of colors provides an original look. The modern, subtle and very gentle line and style compatible with the latest trends. Bibi perfectly combines elements of traditional chairs with a touch of modernity.

125,00 zł
Kinkiet ścienny Staff to interesujący, minimalistyczny design, który sprwadzi się doskonale we wnętrzach industrialnych i steampunkowych. Ten bardzo prosty design to w praktyce połączenie podstawy i dwóch gniazd na żarówki, wokół których nie zamontowano klosza, dzięki czemu całość sprawia wrażenie surowości i rozrzuca światło równomiernie po całym...

159,00 zł
Kinkiet Plexus to niebanalne, nowoczesne oświetlenie ścienne w designerskim stylu. Duży rozmiar i regulowany kąt nachylenia klosza pomagają w personalizacji oświetlenia, a wykonanie z lakierowanej na czarno lub biało stali zapewnia jej dodatkową wytrzymał

279,00 zł
Queen table of the latest collection Siesta Exclusive. A modern, designer table made of transparent polycarbonate, lightweight and resistant to UV rays. It will fit perfectly in both modern and stylish interior. It is also ideal as a table for shows, exhibitions and promotions.

209,00 zł
Norden DSR chair is another model from a wide series of chairs Norden.

269,00 zł
Niebanalna, bardzo nowoczesna lampa wisząca Plexus to wykonany z lakierowanej stali model designerskiego oświetlenia. Solidna i wytrzymała lampa posiada możliwość regulacji wysokości i kąta nachylenia klosza. Model Plexus sprawdzi się w designerskich, awa

279,00 zł
72711003 czarny 72711001 biały 72711017 fioletowy Nowoczesne kinkiety ścienne to połączenie kunsztu wzornictwa, wygody i funkcjonalności. Kinkiet Vanila, swoją niewymowną formą znajdzie uznanie wśród fanów modnych designerskich lamp. Kinkiet będzie doskonale wyglądał w towarzystwie lamp z serii Vanila. Ruchome ramię klosza pozwala skierować światło w...

255,00 zł
The Nexus lamp, made by danish company Nordlux is usually preferred by the enthusiasts of scandinavian design style. The beauty, subtleness and simplicity creates a harmony that will create a unique atmosphere of the interior. This lamp is perfect for high rooms and chilling areas.

157,52 zł 179,00 zł
Kinkiet ścienny Eyes Cold jest doskonałym przykładem designerskiego oświetlenia. Cechuje go uniwersalność, wrodzona elegancja i funkcjonalność, dzięki którym model ten sprawdzi się świetnie w każdym rodzaju aranżacji i w każdym pomieszczeniu, szczególnie

305,00 zł
Stylowy kinkiet ścienny Jos Amber wykonany z solidnej, lakierowanej na czarno stali to model o uniwersalnym charakterze i niezwykłej elegancji. Włączenie światła powoduje wrażenie bursztynowego wnętrza klosza, który w połączeniu z czarnym lakierem na ze

515,00 zł
Wall lamp Cult additional light source for modern and industrial design. Wall lamp made of metal in black or gray. By adjusting the lens, the light beam can be directed at any angle to the desired location. The lamp can be mounted in the reading corner or in the bedroom.

209,00 zł
Tiffany is a modern chair made of polypropylene, reminiscent of classic wooden stools. This furniture is very durable to weather conditions so it can be used in the garden or on the terrace. The whole adds a touch of modernity and designer look inside arranged interiors, and thanks to the different colors it will further enlive the interior.

299,00 zł
Scandinavian form of the lamp Pure will find many fans who appreciate the beauty and minimalism. The lamp is made of metal, in three colors. Finds practical use as a spotlight on the bar or table. The lamp looks impressive both solo and in groups.

195,00 zł
Unconventional modern clothes hanger, made of steel powder coated in black. Hanger is very practical because it can be easily adjusted in our selection of the place. Number of hooks allows you to hang a larger part of the garment, making it easy to keep order in the apartment.

209,00 zł
Very popular chair, inspired by the replica of innovative DAW chairs created in the mid-twentieth century. Modern and elegant, it will be the perfect addition to any home in the dining room as well as in the living room. One of the most popular models of 2012. The chair is designed so that it creates a perfect match with the contour of the body.

149,00 zł
Modernly stylized wall lamp Fredrikshamn, is an elegant product with a relaxing style. The lamp is made of metal with movable adjustable shade, so that it fits perfectly in the interiors of your home. It will illuminate the reading corner and the bedroom as a bedside lamp.

293,25 zł 345,00 zł
MIB 3 LED wall lamp is a modern, technical lighting design. This wall lamp made of metal with led light creates not only a decorative effect, but also provides the ideal angle of emission. And it works perfectly as a spot lighting in offices but also as a gently illumination of bedroom or kitchen.

199,00 zł
Subtle lines, modernity and elegance are the features that describe the incredibly comfortable chair Forest. Basic, yet fashionable color versions perfectly prove themselves in a variety of arrangements. Openwork back with an interesting formula, steel legs and extra strong performance og this polypropylene chair is the result of a masterful design. A...
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319,00 zł
Bar stool Viki is another model in the series Viki.

99,00 zł
Irvin external wall lamp is not only the perfect lighting, but also an element that adds beauty to our home. The lamp is made of materials resistant to weather conditions. It is simple, yet nice and affordable. Perfectly illuminates the façade of a house or a place on the terrace.

139,00 zł
Comfortable and interesting in it's style, the Bush chair is made of polypropylene. Intertwined ropes on the back of a chair enhances it's ergonomics. Perfectly presents itself in the kitchen or dining room.

299,00 zł
Very stylish and pretty wall lamp with a sleek and subtle look, lighting definitely made for fashionable and interiors.

188,00 zł 235,00 zł
MIB 6 - this stylish wall lamp brings unusual, scandinavian-style accent into interiors. The lamp adjusts the angle of light emission, which provides excellent lighting in the office, studio, living and youth room.

405,00 zł
Modern, hanging glass lamp Sphere, with its shade design gives it unique style. The lamp will fit perfectly in the kitchen, dining room, youth room and office.

229,00 zł
Very popular chair in the style of the world-renowned DAW chairs created in the mid-twentieth century. Fashionable and elegant, it will be the perfect addition to any home in the dining room as well as in the living room. One of the most popular models in 2012. The chair is designed so that it perfectly match with the contour of the body.

139,00 zł
Styled, steel stool Paris with a strong and durable metal construction. The material from which the stool is made is resistant to scratches and damage, and at the same time gains an interesting and innovative, vintage style arrangement. The stool perfectly fits in the kitchen, dining room, garden and terrace.

599,00 zł
Elegant and exclusive collection of swivel armchairs Pezzo. All are made of high quality eco-leather in a shell of fiberglass, and the whole is mounted on a stylish chrome leg. These exclusive armchairs fits especially well in a luxury room settings as office chairs, but they will also find their place in the lobby and waiting room.

399,00 zł
Extraordinary design reminiscent of geometric figures, modern design, stylish form, perfectly shaped openwork seat are the features of No. 1 Chair made of aluminum. It's appearance makes that it perfectly fits in living room, garden and cafe.

135,00 zł
Very comfortable bucket chair with wooden legs. Model in a new, fresh stylistic form, that still maintained the fashionable style and shape. Deep seat ensures comfort at the feast as well as a long conference meetings. The chair also looks stylish in a café and restaurant.

349,00 zł
DSW chair Norden Peak is another model from a wide series of chairs Norden.

329,00 zł
Comfortable and elegant bar stool Fox 65 is a modern, stylish stool that perfectly fit in residential interiors, such as kitchens, bars, pubs and cafes. The stool is resistant to scratches, damage and weight.

105,00 zł
Kolor główny: jasne drewnoKolor uzupełniający: białyMateriał: metal / drewnoDługość (mm): 123Wysokość (mm): 200Głębokość (mm): 115Stopień ochrony obudowy: IP20Żarówka: QC35 / E14