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The Intesi brand is derived from the D2 brand. Design, a proven supplier of elegant, stylish and timeless furniture. Brand designers focus on combining unique design with high functionality as well as convenience and comfort of everyday use. The brand's goal is to create furniture whose design will not overwhelm its utility value. The Intesi brand focuses primarily on the excellent quality of both designs and materials from which all furniture is made. The precision of workmanship and attention to the smallest details make each piece of furniture leaving the production plant a piece of furniture art.

The Intesi brand offer includes not only furniture but also many other interior design elements: ceiling, desk and floor lamps, wall hooks, mirrors, watches and various accessories that will complement a stylish, modern arrangement. The main element in the Intesi brand offer, however, are furniture inspired mainly by modern trends, in which you can see a note of Scandinavian, minimalist style. There are also modern-style models, strongly inspired by industrial interiors. Among the materials, natural wood and metal dominate, but also a lot of plastics that allow for the production of furniture with the most sophisticated forms. Among the Intesi products, we can also find upholstered chairs ineffective, strong colours, quilted and exceptionally decorative.

A wide selection of furniture and a huge variety of them guarantee that both people who prefer cool minimalism and lovers of more sophisticated forms and unique design will find something for themselves. Intesi is furniture and accessories that combine high-quality workmanship with effective design in every respect. If we add convenience and functionality of use, Intesi will certainly be a great choice for any interior. It will be perfect for homes and apartments, but also for offices, where it will be a real decoration of any arrangement.

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