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    FAQ - Questions and answers

    If you are not able to find the answer to the question that bothers you or the issue that you want to explain, write to us (contact) or call +48 32 746 0007 or +48 666 669 559. It is possible that your question turns out to be helpful and we will add it onto the following list to provide help for other customers.

    1. Shopping

    2. Shipment

    3. Returns

    4. Loyalty program

    5. Cooperation

    6. Safety

    7. International shipment

    8. Others

    1. Shopping

    • I have made a mistake in my order, what next?

    Mistakes happen even to the best! If you've noticed that your order has any in case of the address, finishing or merchandise, please contact our Custorem Service by phone or email, describing the error.

    • I have received the wrong product from the order contract, what now?

    If you received the wrong product, we sincerely apologize. Please contact our Customer Service and provide it with the following information: Your name / company name, product name / number of the contract, (you can also provide us iwth the product code if you are able to locate it). We will organize the collection and shipment of the goods to you according to the original request.

    • I am a new client, how can i place my first order?

    First of all, welcome to BlowUpDesign! We are happy that you chose one of the products we offer. We can accept Your order online (the basket process), by phone or email. If yu chose one of the last two, we ask you to prepare the following data needed to realize the order:

    - Your name and surname / Company name

    - The address for order shipment

    - Telephone number of the order receiver

    - Name of the products

    That's all! Leave the rest to us.

    • Why are you contacting me after the shopping process is finished?

    If the shopping process has been completed, we may still contact you to obtain you personal opinion about the performance of our shop and its products. We would be very glad if you would help us to improve the shop with Your feedback. We would like to add some of Your opinions on the site - with your permission of course.

    BlowUpDesign undertakes to keep the Customers data in a secure way, without passing it to third parties.

    • I have put a review of the product but it is not visible, why?

    We reserve the right to change or delete comments in the following cases:

    - Overview does not apply to the actual product itself, and does not refer to the store's service

    - The review includes language that could be considered offensive by other users

    - - Assessment contains misspelling or grammar. Note that in this case, the review is generally changed, provided that it does not conflict with the first two conditions.

    • Does purchasing in Your store makes me receive additional correspondence that does not refer to my order?

    Making a purchase and / or createing an account in BlowUpDesign will automatically save you to our customer database. As a member of our database, you can receive periodic information about our offers and similar matters only if you chosen so (you subscribed to the newsletter).

    • Can i get a VAT invoice

    Of course. You just have to inform us about the fact you want to during order placing (invoice data field). You will receive preliminary proforma bill via e-mail shortly after placing an order.

    • How can i change or cancel my order?

    You will need to contact our Customer Service under the numbers +48 32 444 66 88 or +48 666 669 559 during our work hours or electronically via email: [email protected]

    • Can you deliver a sample of the fabric?

    We do realise that nothing convinves as much as the feeling of the desired product itself. Becouse of that we enable an order of the sample, however we are limited by the amount and availability at given time.If You want such sample, please contact us.

    • Where are the BlowUpDesign products made?

    Our wide range of suppliers is based on providing the goods from all over the world. Part of it is produced in Europe - for example Sweden and Belgium, some of our products come from the Far East - India and China but it is the greatest pride for us to sell goods produced in Poland.

    • Does BlowUpDesign has a showroom where i can see the products?

    Unfortunately, we do not have a permanent exhibition, we only have a rotary magazine. This is the only way we are able to offer you the lowest, competitive prices.

    2. Shipment

    • Can i use the additional shipping options?

    We anticipated the possibility of developing your mailing options for additional features such as: Saturday delivery, acceptance in the evening, and many others. Each of the following options you can add to your cart by selecting it from the department Promotions or directly in the order process at the stage of shipping select. If you want to learn more about the prices and types of shipments please visit this page (link).

    • What should I do if I ordered an extended option and courier has not met it?

    We are very sorry if such situation has took place. We are trying that such situations were always stigmatized by our direct intervention at companies that provide goods transportation. In such case, please contact us with a bill of lading on which the courier entered the hour of service. Any additional costs will be returned to you.

    • How long will it take to deliver the goods under the earlier pointed address?

    If you want to estimate the prescribed time of delivery, you can pre-verify this information on the product sheet. If you order a product with an extended waiting period, then from the time of its appearance on the stock, delivery time takes usually 2 working days. If you are not sure of the date or you want more detailed information, please contact us and we will give you a more approximate date of delivery.

    • I have ordered few products. Will it be delivered at the same time?

    Our experience shows that most of the packages are sent immediately after delivery to the warehouse, even though they may come from different vendors and be assembled at different times, but we reserve the right to dispatch by lowest cost only a single complete order. Our experience means that we are always trying to understand our customer's needs.

    • How can I track the progress of my package?

    Using several reputable courier companies, we have the ability to track shipments online. With each complex systemic order that was sent to you, you should get a link with a message affecting contact with the courier company and, alternatively, waybill number. If you did not receive this email, please contact us and we will glady give you a contact to the courier company or will find the package in the system ourselves.

    • What happens if I won't be under the pointed address during the time of the devilery?

    If you are expecting the standard package, then the courier should contact you to arrange the delivery (however, he does not have such duty). If he doesn't, he should leave you an aviso with contact pointed out so that you can get more information about the re-delivery deadline. If it suits you, the courier can leave your package at your neighbor's place or leave it in the local courier's company distribution warehouse, from where you can pick it up personally.

    If you have ordered an oversized product, most likely the delivery time was arranged with us earlier and it is advisable that you actually are at the delivery place pionted earlier. Re-delivery will result in extra costs to pay, so we recommend to receive the order at the first time. Any additional transport and unnecessary storing entiles the risk of damage.

    • I'm waiting for the product longer than originally reported and still have not received the package, what should I do?

    Firstl of all, we would like to apologize for this situation. Hard we try to minimize the time our clients' expectations but such happens and our suppliers are faced with adversity. If you are waiting longer than expected and we have not informed you about the delay, do not hesitate to contact us and we'll give you the latest news as fast as possible.

    • Under the tracking address concerning my shipment or after contact with a courier company, I learned that the order has already been delivered and I did not receive anything, what does it mean?

    Apart from the fact that it is most probably the usual technical error, which, after all, happens in the world of ICT, knock to your neighbor - many times we received information that the neighbors tend to be much more helpful than we require ;)

    • I want the order to be send to a different address than the billing address

    To submit your order to an address other than the billing one, during the ordering process, at the "delivery address", click on the "add address" and fill in information about the new address of delivery. If it makes you a problem, you can always put a new address in the notes (of the order) or by sending us an email.

    • Can I change the delivery address after placing an order already?

    Of course! Just contact us to update your new address. This can be done at any time up to 24 hours prior to shipment from the warehouse. If the order has already been sent, change the delivery address is usually possible, but is associated with a small charge (goods must then be redirected to another courier company realising the shipment).

    • Where can I get more information about the shipping process?

    For more information about shipping process, visit this link.

    • How are you delivering oversized products, such as sofas, goods on pallets etc.?

    Usually we are sending furniture through one of the reputed courier companies, however these companies have their limitations bulky. If the order does not fill within the indicated ranges, we are using services of alternative shipping companies and private carriers. In any case, we pass the direct carrier's contact to the customer to arrange the best time of delivery.

    3. Returns

    • What is the policy of returns in BlowUpDesign?

    Products purchased in our store can be returned without a reason, telling us about it up to 14 days from the date of package receivement. To do this, visit the specially prepared information page under this address.

    • How do I make a return?

    Please fill in the return form located under this address. Send it to us by post, email or attach it to the package with the returned goods. Remember that you can always use our service substitution courier to the address indicated, details can be found here.

    • When will i have my money back?

    It is a common practise that the transfer reaches the ucstomer up to 48 working hours since the package receivement. Bcouse we can not guarantee this in every case, we undertake to send your money back in maximum 7 days. We are using the same method of payment you chose to transfer the money back to you, unless the customer says otherwise in wrote form.

    • Is it possible that i've received the wrong ammount of money as a return?

    If there is any difference that you've noticed onto your account from the one expected, please contact our Customer Service providing the number of the order and the ammount to return. Caution: If you've used one of our paid services of courier substitution, the corresponding ammount was compensated from your refund.

    4. Discount codes and loyalty points

    • Czym są kody rabatowe?

    Discount codes or promotional codes are codes that can be used in our store in order to receive discount. The codes may be, from time to time, used in promotional campaigns. Make sure that you receive information about future promotions by signing up to our newsletter.

    Note: you can use only one code per order.

    • How do I use my discount code?

    1. Add the products you want to buy to the cart and click "place and order".

    2. Enter the coupon code in the box indicated in the left side of the cart summary.

    3. Press the "Apply" button to apply the discount to your order. The amount of the discount will be displayed in red in the cart's summary.

    4. Fill the rest of the form to advance to the secure payments.

    Caution: If you'd like to finish you order later, you will have to input your discount code again.

    Hint: Write the code exactly as it is displayed, adding a spacebar betweent the letters will follow up in code not activating itself.

    Don't forget! The discout code will not be used until you click the "Apply" button. If you write the code and there will be no cost difference "Order summary", we ask you to contact with our customer Service - we will apply the code manually. We are not able to apply the discount code after you place and order (if you forgot to use it).

    • Posiadam ale zapomniałem użyć kodu promocyjnego, co teraz?

    Niestety, jeśli nie wprowadziłeś kodu rabatowego w trakcie procesu zamówienia online, nie będziemy w stanie zastosować go już po potwierdzonym zamówieniu. Jest to podyktowane ograniczeniami technicznymi. Możesz jednak zastosować kod później w kolejnym zamówieniu.

    • I do have, but forgot to use the discount code, what now?

    The discount codes does not affect, in any way, your right to return the goods. You just have to remember that if you've made a return, we are not able to provide you with another discount code. Such codes are considered used.

    • Is it possible to use more than one code for a single order?

    You can use only one code per oder. The decision which code will bring you more profits is up to you.

    • How can i check my loyalty points balance?

    Log in to your account and click "My loyalty points".

    • Does the loyalty points expire?

    the loyalty points does not expire in any way. However, we advice you to use them immediately becouse customers often forget about having them later on.

    • When does the personalized discount codes and vouchers expires?

    Every discount code and personalized voucher has their own expiration date determined in promotion conditions, onto vouchers itself or in messages sent electronically including the appropriate discount code.

    • Is it possible to buy a personalized discount voucher or to use a discound code while ordering an international shipment?

    We, we do not recognize any borders and we will be happy to give this special opportunity to our every customer. We only undertake the right to not send personalized discount vouchers by post but only via electronic ways under the address pointed in the order.

    5. Cooperation

    • Are you selling on B2B rules (Business to Business)?

    Yes, we are available to private individuals (natural person) as well as for businesses. If you want to learn more about the principles of cooperation, click here or contact us by phone or mail.

    • Do you offer resale services for architects and interior designers?

    Yes. We provide a dedicated sales services for architects, interior designers, developers, hotels and other business customers. Read how we operate here.

    6. Safety

    •  Is sending personal data and online cards numers safe?

    Yes. However, to ensure that others can not access your credit card information on our website we recommend that you log off your account and close your browser window after the visit, especially if you share a computer with someone else or are using a computer in a public place.

    We use advanced encryption and authentication tools to protect the security of your credit card information and will make every effort to protect the security of our systems and the same customers. Each page of the ordering process which requests credit card information uses a 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL), which secures the readout if someone tries to intercept them.

    • Are you passing any information about me or my card data to third parties?

    We provide only the information absolutely necessary for the processing of your order, such as an address to the courier company and the data card payments convey to the operators to be able to pay for the order. We will not sell or share any information about with other entities.

    7. International shipment

    • What is the delivery time period for international customers?

    Depending on the availability of goods in stock (given in the specified product data sheet), the time of delivery to the customer in Europe are just a few extra days. We use only reputable courier companies which operate throughout Europe and have no problem with getting to the customer. If the goods are available in stock, most of our shipments will reach customers in Europe within 7 days after the payment. If you have any doubt as to the execution time of your order, please contact us and we will try to individually estimate the shipping time for your address.

    • Do I have to pay customs and duties when shipping internationally?

    If the country you come from is a member of the European Union without the special conditions of cross-border, you're not burdened with any customs duties (duties are determined by the customs authorities of the country of destination and are based on a combination of the country of origin or manufacturing of the goods purchased and the classification of the goods. Value added tax (VAT) are determined by the destination country).

    • What if my order consists of several products?

    Since our policy is to sell goods with minimal cost shipping, so that the client always had the feeling that you pay only for what you physically receive, we are forced to carry shipments only after full completion of the contract (if it consists of several items from several manufacturers).

    • Who should I contact in matters of detailed valuation of the international shipping?

    If you want to be absolutely sure of the final shipping cost, please contact us by phone at +48 32 746 0007 or +48 666 669 559 or by email at [email protected] and by department contact, we will be happy to assist you.

    • Are you shipping oversized goods such as sofas, armchairs etc.?

    Yes we ship. However, please contact us via e-mail stating the names of the goods and the shipping destination address, within 24 hours we will present a detailed transport costs.

    • What currencies are supported by BlowUpDesign?

    Currently, our shop supports three currencies, which are the Euro, British Pound and the Polish Zloty. After selecting the preferences of foreign currency in the top left corner of the page, you will be able to see product prices in the selected currency.

    • What payment options are supported by BlowUpDesign?

    A detailed list of payment channels and their properties is provided at a dedicated website "Secure payments".

    • What is your return policy for international orders?

    If the country you come from is a member of the European Union, returns and complaints procedure is the same for everyone and you will find the detailed course onto our specially dedicated "Returns and Complaints" site.The funds for returned items will reach you in the same currency, using the same channel in which you made the payment order.

    Full information on our returns policy for international deliveries are available here and in our FAQ section.

    8. Others

    • What does the prices and fees in your store include?

    All prices and charges on our website are resented in the currency of the country chosen on the basis of language. All product prices include VAT, but exclude any delivery costs. Delivery costs are calculated as part of the ordering process, based on the delivery location, size and weight of the goods.