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    Internatinal payment by TranfserGo

    Delivery next business day

    By chosing TransferGo service we are sure that your money moves quickly – your funds arrive no later than the next day that the banks are open.

    How it works?

    Making a transfer with TransferGo is easy:
    1. Create an account
    2. Log in
    3. Make a booking providing the amount you want to send and our Company details
    4. Make a local or debit card payment to the TransferGo account
    5. That is all! Let the TransferGo do the rest

    The TransferGo bank account to which you must make the payment will appear after you have completed your booking. You can make this payment via your online banking system or with your debit card. They will send the money to Us once they have received your payment.

    International payment system

    For more information please visit TransferGo website