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    Learn how we operate:

    1. How are we shipping the goods?
    2. Low cost shipment
    3. Orders realisation time
    4. Additional shipment services
    5. Practical hints
    6. International shipment

    1. How are we shipping the goods?

    All products you have ordered will be delivered to the address you've input under the "delivery address" in the order form.
    The delivery options are determined by the size and content of the order. Basically, we are using few ways to deliver the goods. Theese are: DHL, dedicated transport (in case of oversized cargo) and the courier services used by our business partners.
    If you feel a need of adjusting the realisation of your order especially for your needs, please read our section of (additional shipping options).

    Delivery executor

    Courier companyDedicated transport

    Package size

    Individual packs or more, but of small sizeOversized products such as sofas, goods on pallets and others in larger quantities
    Shipment characteristics
    • Direct delivery for customer assured by reputable courier companies
    • Delivery in any hour that suits your needs (betweent 7 a.m. and 6 p.m.)*
    • The driver does not have the duty to contact you before the delivery, but it's a common practise
    • The delivery right under customer's door**
    • An email with the information about the order's current stage of realisation sent to customer
    • Information note, if the receiver has not been at home when the package came
    • No additional fee when re-delivering***
    • Direct delivery to the customer by a private carrier
    • Delivery at any time between 7 a.m. and 9 p.m., depending on your location and the driver's route
    • The driver will contact you before the delivery to inform you about estimated delivery time
    • Delivery only onto ground floor, in front of the building entrance
    • We will make every efford to ensure that you receive the driver's contact number on the day of the delivery
    • There is no option to re-delivery


    *delivery time may be extended by seasonality | **in front of the building entrance if the package is extraordinary | ***the fee is charged since the second unsuccessful delivery

    The deliveries are normally realised during work days (monday - friday) in most major metropolitan areas. Very rarely, but it happens that sometimes onto remote areas the service may be extended by 24 hours, depending on geographical location.

    2. Low cost shipment

    Nothing more to add – it is possible to get low cost shipment on almost every product you bought!

    3. Order realisation time

    Depending on the availability of goods in stock in both the country and abroad, the duration of the Order may extend accordingly. Below is a brief summary of temporary tables in relation to the time of execution given for each product in our store.

    Products available from manufacturers or distributors in Poland

    The realisation time of such orders takes usually about 1 to 3 work days. It means that if you made your order in our work hours, then after a short verification procedure we will commission a shipping to our warehouse. Within 24 to 48 hours the package will be on the way to the address you have pointed earlier.
    Keep in mind that if you chose a bank transfer payment, shipping process will begin only after we receive the payment on our account.
    If you chose e-transfer payment (via bank), e-transfer (via specific application) or cash on delivery (direct payment to courier), the shipping process starts immediately after verification of the order received.

    Products available from manufacturers outside Poland

    The implementation of such orders is - depending on the particular supplier - within 7-21 days because some of our suppliers holds the merchandise at their headquarters stores to reduce the final price for the customer. Thus, in cases like this, we need more time to collect orders, realise them, and to ensure the correct way of carrying out the distribution.
    In case of orders with waiting period, whose total value exceeds 1000 PLN, we will ask you for partial payment in advance or a full prepayment for the goods. We will send you a proforma bill via email, which will be an order confirmation at the same time.
    If you decide for an advance payment, you will be able to settle claims by paying the rest of the charge directly to courier when you receive the goods (if you chose cash on delivery) or immediately prior the shipment (money transfer) - we will contact you in a timely manner so that the delivery period will not extend unnecessarily.

    Products unavailable, on special request, in the process of production and other

    It may happen that part of our product offer is not currently available in any of the stores. Such situation may arise if the product is made on special order, is currently in the process of production or its distribution way is more complicated than usual.
    In each of these cases, we will inform you about the expected date of the contract execution and determine individual terms of implementation.
    Accordingly, for the purposes of the proper contract realisation, we will also ask you for a payment in advance and also to follow the procedure listed above (ie. The products available from manufacturers outside Poland).

    Oversized products

    There is no clear definition of the oversized products. As such, we take goods whose packages are too large to send them by the courier. Most often those are sofas, wardrobes, large amounts of complex packaging sizes.
    To realise such orders we give ourselves 7 days to locate the best carrier who will deliver the goods to your door.

    While we make every effort to realise your orders in a pre-defined time frame, please keep in mind that due to circumstances beyond the control of us and our suppliers (such as extreme weather, customs procedures, other unforeseen events) execution of orders may be subject to delays, for what we apologize in advance!

    4. Practical hints

    We believe that online shopping is such a specific form of purchases that it requires that the seller - We - helps his client - You - on every step of the buying process, so that we are paying back the credit of trust that you gave us earlier.

    Therefore, we present a few key tips to make the process of sending, receiveing and, if necessary, returning as enjoyable as it possible for you.

    • Remember that if you chose a bank transfer then your order realisation will happen the sooner you send us the money.
    • Oversized furniture and those onto pallets are delivered under the entrance of the building which address you have pointed earlier. Becouse the driver does not have the duty to carry the package inside the local/apartment, we ask you to arrange some help earlier.
    • If you are certain that you will not be albe to personally receive the order from the courier under earlier pointed address, please instruct the person who will receive the package on your behalf (it is very important to write down the damage protocol with the courier if found out that the package has any defects - the details are here).
    • Unfortuneatly, in case when the package was already sent and you found out that the address you pointed earlier is incorrect, we will have to charge an additional fee (listed in price list) for delivery under the new address.
    • If you find out the package shows any signs of damage while receiving or if you have doubts about the proper condition of the package, write down the damage protocol with the courier. Read about how to proceed here or contact us immediately by +48 32 444 66 88 or +48 666 669 559.
    • On the delivery day you will be asked to sign the memorandum of receivement before you even see the contents of your package. If it turns out that one of the products is damaged after you open the package, do not worry - you have 7 days to write down the courier damage protocol. To see the details of this procedure, see our  returns and complaints guide.
    • If you have received your package, remember to keep and do not destroy the package during the unpacking process (try to minimize the damage as much as you can). It may happen that you'll want to return the contents and it is very important for it to be as well protected as it can – in most cases the best guarantee of the protection is the original package.
    • If you decided that you want to return the product - we are very sorry that we had not meet your expectations. We will gladly help with arranging the return shipping - here are the details.
    • Each and every order requires a receiver under the pointed delivery address on the delivery date (earlier announced by email). Unsuccessful delivery attempt will result in additional charges - unfortunately we are unable to offer low cost shipping when re-sending the package.

    6. International shipment

    To learn more about international shipping process, click here.