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Table Normano 150

949,00 zł tax incl.
Availalbe: 7-10 working days Opinie Klientów - najlepsza obsługa! Opinie Klientów - najlepsza obsługa!

Wymiary (wys. szer. gł.): 75x150x90 cm Materiał: okleina naturalna , metal Kolor: dąb / czarny Waga:

Rozmiar150x90 cm
Cechy dodatkowePodstawa metalowa

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Table Normano 150

Table Normano 150

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Round, white table Maya, was made using a layered, thermal curing material, while the base was made by air forming. This elegant table is safe to use both indoor and outdoor due to the temperature and scratch resistant material, thus it will be a great piece of furniture for both garden and living room.

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Modern table of Maya series. It was made of plastic, which is characterized by resistance to weathering and scratches. This interesting coffee table it suitable for both inside and outside, becoming a nice garden or dining room furniture.

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Stylish and trendy Ice square coffee table. The table top was covered with werzalit, which is highly resistant to changing weather conditions, thus you can use a table outside as well as inside. The legs are made of transparent polycarbonate, while the base of aluminum. The table looks great in any kind of arrangement as the table for the living room,...

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Modern, sleek coffee table Ice. Theese tables are available in a classic, yet very fashionable white color, with three different sizes. Greatly present themselves in any kind of arrangement inside the living room, a café, garden or on the terrace. Becouse of the material used in production, this furniture can be used both internally and externally.

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Paris Wood Table II is a sister model of the table Paris Wood a slightly larger size.