Gem Led Pendant Lamp

725,00 zł tax incl.
Availalbe: Wymaga potwierdzenia | Wysyłka 48h Opinie Klientów - najlepsza obsługa! Opinie Klientów - najlepsza obsługa!

Wymiary (Wys. Śr. klosza): 49x20 cm

Kolor: biały, satin nikiel

Materiał: szklo, aluminium

Żarówka: LED 4W

RozmiarMała do 30 cm
Cechy dodatkoweLED

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Gem Led Pendant Lamp

Gem Led Pendant Lamp

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Two-point ceiling lamp that looks like reflectors allows You to illuminate the selected location. This lamp is the perfect decorative accent and a good lighting source. Fits in modern and industrial interiors. Also arranges the character of a restaurant or cafe in a similar style.

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Designer Movie Led wall lamp, inspired by the shape of the studio lighting. Integrated into our interior is not only a source of light, but also a unique touch in our midst.