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Kris Chair

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Kris Chair

Kris Chair

199,00 zł
Stylish wooden chair Norden Cross combines retro style and modern product. Its unique aesthetic design and the usage (puree) colors, stool great find as chair Dining room, living room chair or a chair in a restaurant.

89,00 zł 339,00 zł
Modern, transparent Clear Cube chair is the perfect combination of comfort and convenience with a modern style. The chair is made of durable polypropylene, mounted on wooden slender legs. This elegant style and harmony is perfectly suited for the living room, dining room, cafe or garden.

349,00 zł
Chair Norden Cross Peak is another model from a wide series of chairs Norden.

249,00 zł
Chair Norden Cross Black is another model from a wide series of chairs Norden.

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399,00 zł
Comfortable, carefully crafted Easy chair, classic, yet elegant in its simplicity. Lightness of form, and a stable construction ensures comfort. Ideally suited as a chair in the kitchen, living room, or hotel.

419,00 zł
Patchwork I chair made of natural materials - wood and organic fabric. The chair combines visual art and decoration. Our living room, kitchen or dining room will gain a nice character.

209,00 zł
Very popular chair, inspired by the replica of innovative DAW chairs created in the mid-twentieth century. Modern and elegant, it will be the perfect addition to any home in the dining room as well as in the living room. One of the most popular models of 2012. The chair is designed so that it creates a perfect match with the contour of the body.

599,00 zł
A-Shape comfortable chair dedicated for the designer furniture users. Ergonomic backrest and a comfortable, wide ecological fabric-covered bucket guarantees the comfort of usage. The chair fits into the dining room, kitchen, or living room.

449,00 zł
Mocha remarkable chair is a combination of modern design, and durable quality materials - polypropylene and wood. The chair has a comfortable seat and unusual shape. It is designed for the kitchen, dining room or restaurant.

275,00 zł
Modification of chairs from our collection created in the new way of design. Model Nox Basic is a simplified form of a stylized chairs Wood Nox, which will please the fans of simple and clear solutions. The legs are made of high quality wood and the seat of durable polypropylene will be used in your kitchen or dining room for years.

195,00 zł
Chair Ramona thanks to its uncommon silhouette, perfectly fit in the room with a modern touch. Seat chairs made of bent varnished plywood frame with solid wood colored beech. Makes it ideal as a complement to the table made of similar materials.

289,00 zł
Modern chair Base has been designed with the current design fashion trends. The seat and backrest are made of polypropylene, while the legs are made of wood, which is an interesting solution combined. The chair will be perfect for houses and public buildings.

255,00 zł
Looking for a Scandinavian-style furniture? Tona wooden chair will inspire you to refresh the inspiration. The whole made of wood combined with colored seat and backrest will fully fit in a light and spacious apartments and houses.

309,00 zł
Modern Polo chair has been designed in accordance with current trends. The chair is made entirely of wood, with seat and back with bent wood. Perfect for the dining room, the kitchen, or the conference room. Interestingly presents itself in minimalist interiors.

219,00 zł
Designer Polo Comfy chair in natural wood with its style reminiscent of Scandinavian chair. Precious wood reminiscent of natural beauty and purity of nature, so you bring into the room calm and harmony. This feature, combined with the robust performance fits well with the interiors of both classic and more modern.

349,00 zł
Techno chair is very durable thanks to the usage of polyethylene. Thick seat and backrest provides comfort, even for a very long time. It is very suitable for the kitchen, dining room, or in other place desired.

179,00 zł
Rush DSW chair is the next model in the series of chairs Rush.