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Chair Axo

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Wymiary (wys. szer. gł.): 76(46)x40x37 cm Materiał: tworzywo PP Kolor: biały, czarny Waga:

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Chair Axo

Chair Axo

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445,00 zł
Stylish chair that expresses lightness and precision workmanship. The chairs are made of shiny, molded polycarbonate, which makes them an impressive and functional piece of furniture that is suitable for both internal and external use. The construction is resistant to damage and load.

429,00 zł
Arthur stylish chair with a simple yet elegant shape. The chair was made of shiny technopolymer, which gives a nice visual effect. Furthermore, it is resistant to load and scratches. The stools greatly presents themselves in modern housing arrangements, as well as in gardens and terraces.

219,00 zł
Great-looking chair Diva with simple, yet modern form. It was made of resistant and durable weatherproof material, which makes the stool usable in any conditions. This model freely fits in public places as well as in private surroundings.

275,00 zł
Stylish Box chair with a careful and exact execution of polypropylene, which is characterized by resistance to the load as well as resistance to weathering and scratches. As a whole, the chair looks great thanks to the different colors and a simple form. A number of chairs can be stacked, which allows the space saving and a comfortable storage.

395,00 zł
The design captured in a Bee chair draws the attention with it's color and shape. Characteristic backrest and seat in a honeycomb shape adds a sense that the furniture is a very individual project. This model is made of load-resistant and resistant to temperature polypropylene. We strongly recommended this chair for interesting restaurants as well as...

179,00 zł
Great chair Baby Elizabeth with a rich and vibrant colors. It's small size is ideal for children. The stools are very easy to store because of the stacking possibility. Thanks to the performance of resistant and durable polypropylene, the seats can be used both inside and outside. This modern chair will surely draw attention of many people, both young and...

419,00 zł
Chair design inspired by traditional models, that smuggles a little bit of modern design through the use of modern materials. Known and popular line of this model is inspired by the classics in the world of furniture design.

395,00 zł
Plastic and fashionable chairs, very decorative and well match for modern interiors. It is easy to combine them together. The observant eye will see their elegance hidden inside the colors of the chairs. Separately they are neutral, in pair they create a very distinctive blend.

210,00 zł
A simple chair ideal for both modern and classical interior. The chair is made of load, scratch and temperature proof polypropylene so that you can use them in the garden or on the terrace. The stool is characterized by comfort, durability and vibrant colors, which also looks great in the dining room, the kitchen and the living room.

169,00 zł
Modern plastic chair Vita. The seat is made of durable polypropylene mounted on aluminum legs. Perfectly fits in the living room and dining room, a durable material with which it was made also makes it very much usable in the garden or on the terrace. The stool is available in several colors, which gives you more design options.

189,00 zł
Interesting Romeo chair with original and modern form. The chair is made of polypropylene, which is characterized by resistance to temperature, pressure and scratches, so that they can be used outdoors. The chairs have stylish armrests and backrest, which makes them well suitable in the living room, dining room or in the garden. Available in several colors.

189,00 zł
Practical Dolce chair with armrests, presents itself greatly in dining rooms and kitchens. The chair was made of a durable polypropylene, and becouse of that it may very well serve as a garden furniture. The chairs are easily stackable, making life easier by saving time and space.

229,00 zł
Fashionable, colorful chair made of polypropylene, with a stable backrest and comfortable seat. Affordable furniture for modernly designed kitchen and dining room.

205,00 zł
Stylish chair Lucca with a simple, fashionable form. The stool is made of durable plastic. There is an empty space on the back that distinguishes this piece of furniture. A number of chairs can be stacked to allow the easy storage, while the strength of the material allows the usage as an outdoor or indoor furniture, such as a garden, eating room, living...

229,00 zł
Original and modern chair Lucca is an unusual project of Siesta company. The chair stands out with a black, transparent window on the back, which, combined with simple colors, creates a very attractive and comfortable furniture. The chair is made of a durable meterial, which allows both external and internal usage. The possibility of storage through...

279,00 zł
Modern Bora chair with perforated seat and backrest is made of polypropylene combined with glass fiber. The chair has a non-slip legs and is stackable. Comfortable and aesthetic chair to the kitchen or on the terrace.

315,00 zł
Modern chair Bora with perforated seat, backrest and armrests made of polypropylene with glass fiber combined. The chair has a non-slip legs and is stackable. Comfortable and aesthetic in the kitchen or on the terrace.

285,00 zł
Folding chair Zac is a modern model, which is characterized by great freedom and versatility. His appearance is suitable for any interior and exterior, and multiple versions of color allows you to adjust it to your individual taste. Zac chair is additionally equipped with non-slip finish of the leg, protect the floor and ensure stability.

205,00 zł
Universal, solid chair Bella made of plastic material characterized by stability, durability and resistance to temperature. Greatly presents itself on the patio, terraces or cafe gardens.

209,00 zł
Modern, affordable Gala chair with a squared seat and back. This stool is perfect for the garden and terrace, through the use of durable and weather-resistant material. The chair is easy to keep clean and to store becouse of the stacking possibility. The seat was made of polypropylene, while the armrests and legs are made of aluminum.

199,00 zł
Tiffany is a modern chair made of polypropylene, reminiscent of classic wooden stools. This furniture is very durable to weather conditions so it can be used in the garden or on the terrace. The whole adds a touch of modernity and designer look inside arranged interiors, and thanks to the different colors it will further enlive the interior.

239,00 zł
Stylized Tiffany chair seat imitating an interesting rattan weave. The whole is made of polypropylene by the injection molding, so that the chair does not have joints and seams. The chair provides strength and resistance to weather conditions, which allows the outdoor usage. The ideal solution for single-family homes and apartments with private garden and...

505,00 zł
Trama chair with armrests is another model in the series of chairs Trama.