Nexus Wall Lamp

299,00 zł tax incl.
Availalbe: 7-10 working days

Very stylish and pretty wall lamp with a sleek and subtle look, lighting definitely made for fashionable and interiors. Opinie Klientów - najlepsza obsługa! Opinie Klientów - najlepsza obsługa!

Dimensions (Height / depth / diameter): 22x28x10cm

Material: Metal

Bulb power: 3W

Number of bulbs: 1

Bulb screw: GU10

The switch on the lamp: Yes

Bulb Included: Yes

Wygląd/KształtKulisty i półkulisty
RozmiarMała do 30 cm
Cechy dodatkowe1 źródło światła

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Nexus Wall Lamp

Nexus Wall Lamp

Very stylish and pretty wall lamp with a sleek and subtle look, lighting definitely made for fashionable and interiors.

279,00 zł
The Nexus lamp, made by danish company Nordlux is usually preferred by the enthusiasts of scandinavian design style. The beauty, subtleness and simplicity creates a harmony that will create a unique atmosphere of the interior. This lamp is perfect for high rooms and chilling areas.

409,00 zł
Nexus table lamp is a nice accent for all those who like simplicity and minimalism. Made of high quality metal with excellent form, it will find many supporters. Perfectly illuminates the desk, a place in the lab, as well as reading corner.

515,00 zł
New product of scandinavian company Ivorollux. The lamp has a hinge, so that you can adjust the angle of light emission in a range of 90 degrees. Simple setting, careful finish and well preserved proportions.

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Scandinavian form of the lamp Pure will find many fans who appreciate the beauty and minimalism. The lamp is made of metal, in three colors. Finds practical use as a spotlight on the bar or table. The lamp looks impressive both solo and in groups.

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Simple and beautiful form of the lamp Karma is kept in cool Scandinavian style. Beautifully crafted details bring a breath of freshness and lightness. The glass lamp shade illuminate the interior of a blissful and subtle light, providing a cozy atmosphere. The lamp is recommended to fans of minimalism in a modern setting.

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Suspension Karma refers in its form to the Scandinavian style. With its simple yet very universal form excels in the bedroom and the living room in a Scandinavian style, as the light source. This lamp is also recommended as light cafés or restaurants.

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Modern pendant lamp Bowi large diameter, become a perfect element of lighting is not only functional but also decorative. His versatile shape and color blends with the modern and at the same time Scandinavian interior design.