Idyll Wooden Chair

Egg Chair

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Rotary Egg footrest. The skeleton of the furniture was made of fiberglass, while the cover is made of high quality material. The footrest combines well with the chair of the same Egg series.

Available in finishes: natural leather (S), Cashemre (smooth wool), coarse wool.
If you are not sure of finishing shown in the photo - please contact us.

Dimensions (height / lenght / width): 52x54x44 cm

Finish: Metal
Cechy dodatkowePodstawa metalowa

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Egg armchair is now considered an ambassador of Danish furniture fashion due to its timeless design. It is commonly used in the hotel industry, commercial and residential interiors. Egg armchair looks stunning in any environment, and often happens to be one of it's most eye-catching elements.

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The original footrest Barcelon is a classic of design since 1929. The rest of the collection is an armchair, 2-seater and 3-seater sofa, recliner and bench. Our footrest is inspired by L.M.V.D. Rohe project. The furniture of Barcelon series are the most used parts of the designer arrangements such as living rooms, elegant apartments and hotels.