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Toni Bar Stools

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Dimensions (H. W. D.): 75x43x35 cm

H. Seat: 75 cm

Material: wood, upholstered seat

Color: black / blue / orange / gray / green

RodzajBez oparcia
RozmiarWysokość do 80 cm
Cechy dodatkowePodstawa drewniana

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Toni Bar Stools

Toni Bar Stools

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Wymiary (wys. szer. gł.): 93x41x44cm Wysokość siedziska: 68 cm Materiał: tkanina / stal malowana proszkowo / drewno lite bukowe Kolor: jasny popielaty

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Extremely Design bar stool Foxy S made of transparent plastic, is an interesting option in home furnishing interior. Stool works well as a bar stool in the apartment, or public buildings.

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Comfortable and elegant bar stool Fox 65 is a modern, stylish stool that perfectly fit in residential interiors, such as kitchens, bars, pubs and cafes. The stool is resistant to scratches, damage and weight.

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Comfortable and elegant bar stool Fox 75 is a modern, stylish stool that perfectly fit in residential interiors, such as kitchens, bars, pubs and cafes. The stool is resistant to scratches, damage and weight.

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Bar stool Viki is another model in the series Viki.

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This barstool certainly attracts attention with its modern design and the use of geometric figures. Barstool No. 1 is made of powder-coated steel, so that the stool works outside as well.

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Eye-catching bar stool Kim Ki has unusual but also very interesting shape. The hoker is made of polypropylene reinforced with fiber glass, which makes the entire structure very stable. Fits well in modern kitchens, dining rooms and bars.

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Minimalist bar stool Tower is a modern design with a universal character. Inspired by the shape of a cube made of polypropylene is not only versatile, but also durable and resistant to weather conditions, so check literally everywhere - both inside and outside the interior.

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Bar stool Barcino is another model in the series Barcino.

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Innovative and always fashionable design of Harry bar stool is already known from the collection of chairs. This furniture is made entirely of chromed steel, which makes it resistant to weight. The form of interspersed bars gives the whole an aesthetic appearance that perfectly fits in the kitchen and the bar room.

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Modern bar stool Leaf is a design piece of furniture that perfectly combines solid, while minimalist chrome base, the slender seat inspired by a leaf in the wind. This is a universal design that perfectly highlight any interior, both private apartment, and a public café or bar.

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Elegant bar stool Techno designed in a modern style will catch the eye of designer furniture lovers. The seat is made from durable polypropylene while the base is made of chromed steel. This solid bar stool fits very well in the kitchen and bar.

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Upholstered chair with a simple design and a comfortable, ergonomic backrest. The combination of upholstery and chrome base makes that the chair will perfectly fit in both modern and classic interiors. It will settle curiously in the kitchen, the dining room or restaurant.

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A simple form of bar stool Deli fits many modern facilities. Hokey polypropylene- is made of durable material and easy to clean. Well-shaped seat provides comfort.

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Wymiary (wys. szer. gł.): 113x48x50cm Wysokość siedziska: 85 cm Materiał: tkanina / eco skóra / stal malowana proszkowo Kolor: biały/popielaty/czarny