Plain 138 Sofa

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Wymiary (wys. szer. gł.): 72x138x76 cm Materiał: tkanina petrus, drewno lite dębowe

Rodzaj2 - osobowa
Cechy dodatkowePodstawa drewniana

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Plain 138 Sofa

Plain 138 Sofa

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Similiarly to it's twin chair is a classic of design, taste and precision. Originally designed by Mies van der Rohe in 1929, over time it became one of the most recognizable designs in the world of furniture, up to this day remaining an icon of design.

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Like it's twin chair, this sofa is a classic of design, furniture, taste and precision. Originally designed by Mies van der Rohe in 1929, it has become one of the most recognizable furniture in the world, to this day remaining an icon of design.

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Le Corbusier was a pioneer of modern architecture and design, he deserved to be called that by creating suchs pearls of design as a Grande LC armchair. This Furniture was originally designed by the architect in 1929, and, over 80 years after his debut in the 1929 Salon d'Automne in Paris, this designer armchair is still very much sought for a...

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2-seater black sofa Grande Soft LC made of high quality leather. It provides both comfort and decorative aspect. The appropriate form of care will allow us to enjoy it for many years.

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The creation of Le Corbusier in the form of sofas, living as one of the most stylish and comfortable designs of all time and still looking as fresh as the day on which it was designed. With the beautifully polished stainless steel tubular frame and rich, comfortable leather seat cushions, this resting sofa will remain an icon of design for many more years.

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The creation of Le Corbusier in the form of sofas, living as one of the most stylish and comfortable designs of all time and still looking as fresh as the day on which it was designed. With the beautifully polished stainless steel tubular frame and rich, comfortable leather seat cushions, this resting sofa will remain an icon of design for many more years.

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The initial design of the sofa was created in 1958 by Danish architect Arne Jacobsen. Swam sofa is an elegant combination of class and comfort for every living room. Furniture Series Swam and Egg are no strangers to the pages of newspapers and TV programs, confirming it's success in the world of design.

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Unusual sofa Bocca - the mouth, is a beautiful, alluring piece of furniture next to which one can not pass indifferently. Comfortable, with the captivating shape and color, will create an amazing atmosphere in our interior. Brave model for enthusiasts of unusual design.

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Modernly designed sofa in designer style. It can be easily applied also on the outside thanks to the construction of polypropylene and the filter, anti-UV. This modern style will work in private and public interior and exterior areas, eg. In the cafe, beer garden or patio.

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Wymiary (wys. szer. gł.): 83x125x77cm Wysokość siedziska: 4cm Materiał: tkanina / stal malowana proszkowo Kolor: jasny popielaty / czarny