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Szukasz lamp drucianych? Poznaj najnowszą kolekcję ..


Our proposition is more than a chair, lamp or coffee table. We search and create for you variations of the product in its best style.

Looking for a lamp? We will show you something more, we build collections based on styles, as well as on specific finishing such as concrete, copper, wood or plywood.

Or maybe you need a table? We don't close ourselves off, discover with us shapes, finishing or specific functions. All thanks to our categories and complex search filters.

Odwiedź wyjątkowe miejsca w naszym sklepie i zachwyć się Dizajnem!
See designer mesh lamps

Lightfull, however not transparent, visible but not heavy, meshed and wire lamps are a flexible form of lighting. Match them with interesting furniture, your success is guaranteed!

See designer concrete lamps

Check the latest offer of concrete and gypsum lamps. This is a place for lofts and industrial design lovers, and we guarantee that everyone will find something for themselves!

See designer brass lamps

The youngest and most interesting series of brass and copper lamps, which we pay more and more attention to... You must see see them all, we have already collected over 300 products!

See designer glass lamps

Glass lamps in other words, a classic of timeless design. Always flexible in the form that resists passing trends. We believe that you will spend a bit longer moment here.

See designer industrial lamps

A little steel, black and grey color and few raw accents ... sounds familiar? See the latest from our industrial lamps section selected for you!

Zobacz najlepszy design w BlowUpDesign.pl


What makes the product unique? Is it its colour, finishing or only form and shape? We are looking for the answer to this question every time we decide what products will be shown in this place, so that you can also discover  particle of stunning design.

Although the lasting trends and dominant patterns, we are flexible in our choices. We understand that design is not a monolith but an element of satisfaction that persists with us when we look at nice things.

Discover collection of stylish lamps. Over 2,000 new products have been added to it, including ceiling and table lamps as well as many interesting categories, search and discover fashionable design!

A good chair is not only shape and colour, but above all it is also a comfort. Find your model by choosing a colour, material or finishing as needed.

If you're ready for change, you couldn't get better. We show you the best design and current furniture trends. Choose an armchair for your interior and enjoy your comfort for years.

We all eat meals on something, why not on the good looking table, so that your guests and colleagues will also  appreciate its form. Choose the one and only in its kind!

Redesigned offer of coffee tables for every interior and every occasion. Kitchen, living room or maybe a waiting room? No problem. Visit our category and see what we have prepared for you.

Category #storage is constantly expanded with new product sections, you will find there cabinets, hangers, shelves, and even a pretty (big) tree shelf!

We like to work in mutual interest with the benefit for your client. If you are an Architect or Interior Designer, we encourage you to use our attractive form of cooperation and flexible billing models.

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Since the beginning of our commercial activity, we have been closely cooperating with the broadly understood environment that specializes in furnishing private interiors and business spaces. If you are a developer or investor, use this form of offering.

We perfectly understand the procedures in budgetary units or local government cultural institutions. We are open and flexible in the process of fulfilment public enquiries.

  • Deferred Payments
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Wooden lamps - light from nature

Wooden lamps - light from nature

For centuries, wood has been used not only in construction but also in interior design. No wonder - it is a natural material, accessible and giving great arrangement possibilities. In interior design, not only wooden furniture and floors are popular, but also accessories. In a modern design, wooden lamps have their permanent place, which can be perfectly adapted to the needs of a specific room. read more
Upholstered chairs - many facets of modern design

Upholstered chairs - many facets of modern design

Upholstery does not have to be boring, dull and completely expressionless. It all depends on the design and quality of workmanship. Modern designer furniture very often has upholstery primarily because it provides comfort of use, while giving great arrangement possibilities. read more
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