Antenne Floor Lamp

799,00 zł tax incl.
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Wymiary (Wys. Szer. Gł.): 199x117x36 cm Materiał: metal Ilość źródeł światła: 3 Moc żarówki: 60W Gwint żarówki: E27 Kolor: czarny

Wygląd/KształtKulisty i półkulisty
RozmiarDuża 61cm+
Cechy dodatkowe3 źródła światła

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Antenne Floor Lamp

Antenne Floor Lamp

1 045,00 zł
Fashionable, large Antenne standing lamp will provide the interior with a spectacular appearance. Adjustable flash joints will allow you to set the angle of light. It's beautiful form, will be used in modern and custom interiors. Ideally fits in elegant hotels, conference rooms and offices.

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This large, pendant lamp made of metal was designed in the industrial style. The unique shade breaks uniform style of the interior, giving it a proper character. Illuminates the living room, dining room, restaurant or pub.

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This industrial lamp made of high quality galvanized steel in dark graphite, is not only the perfect lighting, but also a unique form. It adds an attractive appearance to our kitchen, dining room or a modern living room. It will also serve well as a restaurant or cafe finish.

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Beautiful, industrial style of this lamp is not just a lighting component, but an attractive and decorative appearance. Simple raw form and aesthetic lampshade made of metal will be the perfect finishing in many interiors.

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Double Hamois is an interesting lamp made of high quality stainless steel. It stands out becouse of it's simplicity along with style. Impressive with its appearance, this lamp will feature the interior with an industrial-style design.

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Large, industrial pendant lamp made of steel in antique black bronze color. Especially attractive shade with a great line, which is directed downwards, well illuminates a large table in the dining room or the living room. Lamp, due to its functionality, works very well in both private and public interiors.

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Interesting pendant lamp Ekelund Double with two diffusers made of steel in antique black bronze color. It's design refers to the raw English decor. This ceiling lamp delights the eyes with it's originality and color. The lamp will beautifully cast light in the dining room over the kitchen table, as well as in the living room. It will illuminate the...

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Wall lamp Ekelund is an additional source of light in modern and industrial atmosphere. The lamp is made of metal in black bronze color highlights the character of the interior. The movable glass shade provides a pleasant lighting in the reading corner, next to the bed, but also in the bathroom or hallway.

329,00 zł
Graceful Ekelund Table lamp is a charming part of the interior, thanks to its unique appearance. It's raw, yet beautiful form is dedicated for modern, industrial and loft interiors. Adjustable light diffuser allows the lighting of chosen directions. It will fit in the living room, dining room and place for reading or relaxing.

479,00 zł
Extremely artistryEkelund Floor lamp resembles an old street lamp. Designer cover, careful craftmanship and stable base is supported are the attributes that makes it unique. This exceptional lamp will surely find many buyers delighted by it's amazing appearance.