MIB 3 LED Ceiling Lamp

859,00 zł tax incl.
Availalbe: 7-10 working days

This technical lamp made in Scandinavian style is a simple and efficient form of lighting. Lamp exudes chilly elegance. Mobile fittings allows for emission of the light in any angle. It will fit in the studio, living room, or in public buildings.

BlowUpDesign.pl Opinie Klientów - najlepsza obsługa!
BlowUpDesign.pl Opinie Klientów - najlepsza obsługa!

Shade Dimensions (Height / diameter / lenght): 18x3x40cm

Material: metal

Max wattage: 3x3W

Wygląd/KształtTuba i Walec
RozmiarŚrednia 31-60 cm
Cechy dodatkoweLED

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235,00 zł
MIB 6 - this stylish wall lamp brings unusual, scandinavian-style accent into interiors. The lamp adjusts the angle of light emission, which provides excellent lighting in the office, studio, living and youth room.

345,00 zł
Hanging Mib 6 lamp is the ideal product for the enthusiasts of minimalistic design and loft interiors. The reflector is freely adjustable, so the light can be optimally directed to the selected area. The lamp will hang over the table top in an apartment office or studio.

259,00 zł
Ceiling lamp Mib 6 is mounted on the rail, which makes it easy to move.The direction of the light is possible to move with the lampshade. This is a great lamp for both loft-style as well as modern interiors. It will fit perfectly in an office, cabinet or living room.

333,87 zł 359,00 zł
MIB 3 LED wall lamp is a modern, technical lighting design. This wall lamp made of metal with led light creates not only a decorative effect, but also provides the ideal angle of emission. And it works perfectly as a spot lighting in offices but also as a gently illumination of bedroom or kitchen.

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465,00 zł
Two-point ceiling lamp that looks like reflectors allows You to illuminate the selected location. This lamp is the perfect decorative accent and a good lighting source. Fits in modern and industrial interiors. Also arranges the character of a restaurant or cafe in a similar style.

205,00 zł
Designer Movie Led wall lamp, inspired by the shape of the studio lighting. Integrated into our interior is not only a source of light, but also a unique touch in our midst.