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259,00 zł
Slim, designer lamp inspired by the latest lighting trends. The lamp conjures up inviting mood light. It will illuminate beautifully the place over the table and liquor cabinet. It looks great both solo and in a group of lamps. Greatly fits in modern cafes and restaurants.

185,00 zł
Designer pendant lamp Planet is a classic shape and form of the lamp, which was dressed in a current, modern design. Thanks to the open bottom of the lampshade light falls on a specific point, but the relatively large size of the opening makes an angle of incidence of light is quite extensive. This favors the light of concrete decorative elements whose...

205,00 zł
Glass pendant lamp Planet of the decorative form of a diffuser, and a modern design. Thanks to the open bottom of the lampshade light is directed at a specific point. The lamp will work not only as a functional lighting a bedroom, a living room but also as a decorative element interior loft. Form of the lamp will delight followers of the simple, but...

279,00 zł
Bloom lamp hanging from a delicate glass shade in white can be seen not only as a light source, but also as a beautiful design element. Lamp exudes a delicate, glare-free light, bringing to the interior a pleasant atmosphere. Will feature a stylish appearance Our kitchen and dining room. Lamp designed for interiors are furnished in Scandinavian style.

319,00 zł
Suspension Bloom is the next model in the series of lighting in Scandinavian style. The lamp will work not only as a light source but also as a decorative accent the interior. The lamp is made of glass with a stylish design perfectly finds himself suspended in the kitchen and dining room.

429,00 zł
Suspension Bloom - model of an interesting shape, made of glass. Lamp designed for interior and arrangement created in the Scandinavian style. Lamp fulfill the function of not only lighting but also recommended as an attractive decorative element of the interior. The lamp is ideal as a light source in the living room and dining room.

299,00 zł
Fredrikstad pendant lamp with a simple, subtle construction refers to modern design. Lampshade made of glass and metal housing beautifully illuminates the houses, but also the corridors or passageways. Perfectly adjusts the look of modern and classic interiors.

405,00 zł
Simple and beautiful form of the lamp Karma is kept in cool Scandinavian style. Beautifully crafted details bring a breath of freshness and lightness. The glass lamp shade illuminate the interior of a blissful and subtle light, providing a cozy atmosphere. The lamp is recommended to fans of minimalism in a modern setting.

535,00 zł
Suspension Karma refers in its form to the Scandinavian style. With its simple yet very universal form excels in the bedroom and the living room in a Scandinavian style, as the light source. This lamp is also recommended as light cafés or restaurants.

849,00 zł
Niche, pendant lamp Rockford made with great care and taste. The lamp has three lenses, each in a different form, suspended asymmetrically. Modern design emphasizes the character of the interior as an interesting tabletop lighting in the dining room, the kitchen, but also in the living room.

129,00 zł
A small, slender Vial pendant lamp with transparent shade of colored glass is a new product on the market for designer lighting. Long cable and a tiny bowl, make this model ideal for spot lighting essential elements of the arrangement. It gives relatively strong, colorful light on some shade and below.

405,00 zł
Modern, hanging glass lamp Sphere, with its shade design gives it unique style. The lamp will fit perfectly in the kitchen, dining room, youth room and office.

369,00 zł
Raw Glass wall lamp, made of beautiful etched glass and brass housing. It will serve very well as a additional lighting while complementing the main one. This wall lamp very nicely fits in with modern and industrial interior.

319,00 zł
Outlined the latest trends Raw Glas lamp with a lampshade made of etched glass, looks like a small umbrella. It emphasizes the charm of a large bulb, which is also a decorative motif. In an interesting way to illuminate the interior of the living room, dining room or bedroom.

199,00 zł
The advantage of Asnen lamp is a universal design that will fit in both modern and classic style. The shade gives a pleasant light, providing perfectly lit area. It is also a decorative element, which fits well in kitchen, dining room and living room.

225,00 zł
Asnen pendant chandelier is a modern interior lighting. Aesthetic lenses made of glass scatter light laterally, but also guides them directly down. The lamp can be installed in the kitchen, dining room or the living room.

119,00 zł
Ceri table lamp is a graceful element of the interior. Lamp base created in an original design increases its stylistic value. Inside the base, there is a pipe visible in the color shade. The lamp will delight the eyes with it's beautiful light and interesting design.

179,00 zł
Elegant, subtle and modern pendant lamp Ina will provide a remarkable accent in our midst. Delicate in their appearance and interesting in shape, it perfectly fullfills its role in the modern kitchen or dining room. The lamp shines with light that stream will illuminate the living room or eating room table.

Glass Lamps

Glass is the most classic material, from which the lighting is made of. In our offer you can find glass lamps for every occasion: huge chandeliers, decorative shades, small pendant lamps designed for personal space, as well as extraordinary elegant models for areas designed for guests – our glass lamps will create a stylish atmosphere in every kind of interior.