High Back Armchairs

Only stylish and fashionable armchairs and sofas from the highest shelf, inspired by Barcelona - Mies Van der Roche, Lounge Chair - Charles Eames & Ray, LC2 - Le Corbusier and Egg Chair - Arne Jacobsen and Coconut Chair. Comfortable and fashionable leather armchairs for a living room, a waiting room or an office. Furniture used for rest and relaxation are the most important elements of interior design. Well-chosen leisure sets, sofas and armchairs make the interiors cosy and encourage to spend time inside. At BlowUpDesign you can find a wide selection of armchairs and sofas that will emphasize the character of the interior, perfectly blend in with the chosen style, are comfortable, functional and indeed invite you to relax. Armchairs and sofas have many arrangement views, so you can easily choose furniture directly created for a particular interior. We recommend comfortable armchairs with backrests and footrests, upholstered armchairs and office armchairs, as well as sofas in classic or absolutely designer version. Armchairs and sofas can be in a minimalist version, tailored to modern, Scandinavian and raw interiors. They also look interesting in a very decorative, designer version, thanks to which they can be integrated into impressive, industrial or retro interiors, in which they will be a real decoration. The sofas and armchairs available in our shop are designed by great designers and are made of high quality materials. They combine natural wooden elements with metal, plastic and effective upholstery. We especially recommend armchairs and sofas offered by Signal, Halmar and D2.Design brands. They combine unique design, interesting style with durability and long-term durability. Armchairs and sofas available in our shop allow you to create an unusual atmosphere in any interior.

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