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549,00 zł
This original, versatile table Bergen an interesting shape and a large diameter will work in virtually any room, with a particular focus on the Nordic and minimalist. Robust design and sleek design provide comfort and a pleasant visual experience, which in turn will come to a peaceful atmosphere and mood in the room.

948,99 zł
Sleek and stylish round table Copine made entirely of wood. Its classic shape and the most natural finish will add charm and warm up the interior of the living room and restaurant.

479,00 zł
Elegant Socrates table with a white round top, mounted on interesting legs made of solid wood. Universal style will put this modern piece of furniture in all types of rooms: the dining room, the kitchen, the living room, even cafes and restaurants. The table will look great in the company of chairs dsw, nex, nox, snap, cube, shell, merida, primal or wings.

769,00 zł
Glamorous and stylish round table Copine. The table top is made entirely of veneer, while the legs are made of wood. Its classic shape will most definetly add a modernity effect into the living room or restaurant.

339,00 zł
The classic design ofthe table refers to the collection of DSW chairs. The pure form, which always accompanies furniture made in this composition, is the ideal choice for areas with easy and free atmosphere. It's interesting shape will provide a delicate character in modern interiors.

459,00 zł
Round table DTW with an extremely interesting design that refers to the collection of DSW chairs. White color top adds lightness to the table. The table top is made of high quality, scratch-resistant fiberglass and the whole is mounted on a stylish legs in the shape of the Eiffel Tower. This table will perfectly fit in the living rooms and public places.

499,00 zł
Socrates stylish table is characterized by subtle and delicate lines. White top combined with solid wood legs adds lightness, exclusiveness and interesting look combined. Greatly fits in both modern and classic arrangements as a dining room,living room or restaurant table.

479,60 zł 545,00 zł
Table Socrates is a combination of Scandinavian design, simple forms and functionality. Recommended as the dining table, but also as an excellent element of the arrangement. Socrates table combined with chairs DSW Armless Creates a perfect composition.

1 399,00 zł
Scandinavian design is a very interesting style, which is characterized by versatility, minimalist and tasteful appearance at the same time. Table Copine perfectly reflects all of these features, so you will become a vital part of any arrangement without exception.

695,00 zł
Scandinavian table Oslo will be perfect for virtually any interior, with special emphasis on the dining room. His versatility is manifested in the form of the classical form dressed in modern design. Very well with the chairs of the same series.

429,00 zł
Large table Bergen Color is a combination of modern design and simple, unobtrusive form. Very good fit in Scandinavian style and minimalist, which will feature thought-invasive whole.

859,00 zł
Stylish table Remvo refers to the Scandinavian style of both the name and style of performance. Delicate white color top and bright wooden legs ensure harmony and peace, two traits necessarily evocative of the climate of the far north. This Scandinavian table is an excellent choice for fine dining or light cuisine.

739,00 zł
Nowoczesny stół Bergen Glass łączy w sobie stelaż z dębowego drewna i blat z hartowanego szkła. Ta niezwykle elegancka kompozycja nadaje mu stylu i klasy, które świetnie zaprezentują się w każdym pomieszczeniu bez wyjątku. Duży rozmiar sprawdzi się zarówno w rodzinnym domu, jak i komercyjnym lokalu, w każdym z nich wywołując zachwyt i przyciągając wzrok...

1 849,00 zł
Round, white table Maya, was made using a layered, thermal curing material, while the base was made by air forming. This elegant table is safe to use both indoor and outdoor due to the temperature and scratch resistant material, thus it will be a great piece of furniture for both garden and living room.

1 399,00 zł
Modern table of Maya series. It was made of plastic, which is characterized by resistance to weathering and scratches. This interesting coffee table it suitable for both inside and outside, becoming a nice garden or dining room furniture.

1 579,00 zł
Nice and very stylish table with rectangular top. Its simple form and carefull attention to details makes this table suitable for all kinds of elegant interiors. It will perfectly present itself in any type of arrangement as a dining table or in the conference room.

585,00 zł
Functional table Ronald has a simple form and universal style. Modern design and perfect craftsmanship is the perfect combination for even the most demanding users. Fits perfectly into the dining room, kitchen or living room.

439,00 zł
Table kitchen Luto is a combination of wood with MDF, which give it a simple yet elegant form. The lightness of white makes this designer table will work correctly in each room presenting the highest quality and functionality.

1 738,00 zł
Stanford extension table is perfect for the modern kitchen and dining room. It's modern design and perfect craftsmanship are the perfect statement for even the most demanding users.

1 699,00 zł
Always versatile and beautiful, inspired Tulip table that will fit in space as a table in the dining room, the kitchen or on the terrace. Two timeless color variations of the glass fiber used to make the top - white or black, makes it easy to compose a table with other furniture inside your interior.

819,00 zł
Stylish and trendy Ice square coffee table. The table top was covered with werzalit, which is highly resistant to changing weather conditions, thus you can use a table outside as well as inside. The legs are made of transparent polycarbonate, while the base of aluminum. The table looks great in any kind of arrangement as the table for the living room,...

799,00 zł
Modern, sleek coffee table Ice. Theese tables are available in a classic, yet very fashionable white color, with three different sizes. Greatly present themselves in any kind of arrangement inside the living room, a café, garden or on the terrace. Becouse of the material used in production, this furniture can be used both internally and externally.

339,00 zł
Functional and practical - this is the brand Mango Siesta table. Its solidly constructed form is resistant to weather conditions, making it usable both indoor and outdoor. The table can be stacked, which makes the furniture storage very comfortable and easy.

359,00 zł
Practical, small table Mango Alu that greatly presents itself in every type of arrangement. The tables are easy to store thanks to stacking possibility. The furniture is temperature resistant, so without any worries you can use it outdoor as a garden table or a cafe table. This furniture is available in several different colors that brightens up and...

309,00 zł
Very light and slim, square table Sortie. The table top is made of recycled polypropylene while the legs of anodized aluminum. Becouse of the long-lasting and reliable materials used in production process, this table is resistant to weather conditions, which makes it very usable as an outdoor piece of furniture. Lively and colorful top brightens up and...

329,00 zł
Table made of very durable and resistant material. The top made of recycled polypropylene is supported on legs made of anodized aluminum. This furniture is available in several fashionable color options, and its storing is very easy and convenient becouse of the stacking option. Greatly fits in a living room, modern kitchen, café or garden.

309,00 zł
Modern and cheap coffee table Elfo with a careful and precise finish. The table top is made from recycled polypropylene, while the basis of anodized aluminum. The table is very durable and both scratch and temperature resistant, which makes it usable both indoor and outdoor.

329,00 zł
Great, lightweight and stylish round table Poppy. It's shape and small size will fit very well inside small rooms as well as balconies, terraces or gardens. The whole is resistant to scratching and weather conditions, which also makes it perfect for outside usage.

1 199,00 zł
Extremely expanded and wide table made entirely of high-gloss, lacquered MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard). It's delicate silhouette and phenomenal character given by a glossy white lacquer, perfectly fits in modern interiors as a table in the kitchen and dining room or as a desk in a stylish studio.

339,00 zł
Impressive table with a wide range of colors made from polypropylene and fiberglass. The use of plastics provides maximum resistance to weather condition. Perfectly suited for the veranda.

1 444,15 zł 1 699,00 zł
Wymiary (wys. szer. gł.): 76x180x90 cm Materiał: szkło/MDF malowany/stal malowana proszkowo Kolor: blat : bazaltowy / nogi : czarny

679,00 zł
Wymiary (śr. wys.): 120x76cm Materiał: MDF laminowany / stal malowana proszkowo Kolor: blat : marmur / nogi : czarny

829,00 zł
Wymiary (wys. szer. gł.): 76x180x90 cm Materiał: MDF laminowany / stal malowana proszkowo Kolor: blat : orzech rustykalny / nogi : czarny

999,00 zł
Wymiary (wys.szer.gł.): 77x160-200x90 cm Materiał: MDF lakierowany / MDF laminowany / stal malowana Kolor: blat : biały mat / nogi : dąb san remo

1 499,00 zł
Wymiary (wys. szer. gł.): 76x160/220x90 cm Materiał: MDF laminowany / stal malowana proszkowo Kolor: blat : złoty dąb / nogi : czarny

1 304,10 zł 1 449,00 zł
Wymiary (wys. szer. gł.): 76x160/200x90cm Materiał: MDF lakierowany/ stal malowana proszkowo Kolor: blat : biały / nogi : popiel

Dining Tables

Eating is a wonderful activity in itself, yet it can become even better – our practical dining tables were made exactly for that. They will ensure that a family dinner or a supper with beloved person will always stay a true celebration. We are offering a wide range of dining tables: both big and small, static and folding, wooden and plastic – everything to suit your personal needs.