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    BlowUpDesign.pl - Designer stylized Furniture

    Meet BlowUpDesign.pl and learn why sales are an exciting process for us.

    We are a company that has gained recognition among many business partners, starting activity on the e-commerce market already in 2011.
    It distinguishes us from experience, professionalism and conscientiousness towards our Clients. These values, despite continuous growth, are submitted first and foremost, and that allows us to execute orders at the highest level, and each one of You can be treated by us exceptionally.

    We believe that you will put trust in Us and you will join the group of satisfied Customers by choosing our offer and services.

    Our commitment?

    Deliver the highest quality service to every Customer!

    We believe that good relationships can last for years because sale is not a one-time transaction but a common process that can be nice to remember after all.


    Where are we

    BlowUpDesign.pl headquarters - shop of lamps and lighting in Katowice

    Our office

    BlowUpDesign / Ecommercity Sp. z o.o.
    Ul. Aleja Korfantego 191 Budynek C
    40-153 Katowice


    Contact with Us

    Email: sklep[at]blowupdesign.pl
    Tel. +48 32 444 66 88
    Kom. +48 666 669 559



    Email: info[at]blowupdesign.pl
    Tel. +48 444 66 88
    Kom. +48 666 669 559