Carlyn Floor Lamp

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Wymiary (wys. gł. śr.): 163x80x30 cm Materiał: drenwo, tkanina, metal Ilość źródeł światła: 1 Żarówka: E27 Moc maksymalna żarówki: 60W Źródło w zestawie: brak Kolor: biały, jasne drewno

RozmiarŚrednia 31-60 cm
Cechy dodatkowe1 źródło światła

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Carlyn Floor Lamp

Carlyn Floor Lamp

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Very nice desk lamp Cult is made of high quality metal. Adjusting the tilt lens allows optimally direct the light anywhere. The lamp is ideal for desk, bedside or to the studio.

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Nowoczesny designerski kinkiet ścienny ze składanym ramieniem, oraz ruchomym kloszem. Lampa zapewni punktowe światło, które jest niezbędne do czytania w naszym kąciku. Równie dobrze sprawdzi się, jako dodatkowe intymne oświetlenie w sypialni lub salonie. Modernly designed wall lamp with folding arm and movable shade. Roma lamp will provide a spotlight,...

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Kolding table lamp, a retro-modern design. The lamp is made of metal, the black-colored patina. Lamp shade which is placed on an adjustable tube, so that we can properly direct the light source. Perfectly illuminates a desk or a place on the dresser in the bedroom.

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Kolding standing lamp with especially elegant form will settle well in the industrial-style interiors, but also in modern one. The lamp is adjustable in height. It perfectly emphasizes the character of the interior, lighting the living room or bedroom.

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MIB 6 - this stylish wall lamp brings unusual, scandinavian-style accent into interiors. The lamp adjusts the angle of light emission, which provides excellent lighting in the office, studio, living and youth room.

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MIB 3 LED wall lamp is a modern, technical lighting design. This wall lamp made of metal with led light creates not only a decorative effect, but also provides the ideal angle of emission. And it works perfectly as a spot lighting in offices but also as a gently illumination of bedroom or kitchen.

773,10 zł 859,00 zł
This technical lamp made in Scandinavian style is a simple and efficient form of lighting. Lamp exudes chilly elegance. Mobile fittings allows for emission of the light in any angle. It will fit in the studio, living room, or in public buildings.

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Desk lamp Skanska distinctive original appearance as interesting, functional lighting. Its nice oval metal shade ideally suited as an additive standing arrangement desk. The lamp also recommended as additional lighting modern bedroom. His universal form and color refers to the modern style.