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Concrete lamps from LoftLight

The LoftLight brand is a Polish lighting manufacturer based in Wroclaw. The company runs several online stores and also supplies its products to leading lighting stores throughout the country and beyond. The LoftLight brand offer includes primarily modern, modernist and industrial lighting solutions tailored to the needs of the most demanding users.

Elegant, industrial lamps LoftLight delight with an interesting style, raw design and ingenious workmanship. The products fit perfectly into modern interiors where every arrangement detail is important. Botonova lamps are not only the main or additional source of light in interiors but also interesting decorative elements that can become the basis of the arrangement. All lamps from LoftLight are high-quality products, created by top-class designers with attention to the smallest details. Each lamp model that leaves the company's production plant is a product that meets the highest standards of quality and energy efficiency.

The LoftLight offer includes pendant lamps, effective chandeliers, large standing lamps, wall lamps or lamp sets on rails that will emphasize the character of the interior and become its greatest decoration. Lighting products of this brand fit perfectly into the climate of not only residential houses, but also utility lofts, offices and warehouse spaces. Their unique design and inspiration with everyday objects is a guarantee that they will fit perfectly into the atmosphere of modern rooms.

LoftLight lamps are a combination of the highest elegance, good taste and everyday life closed in modernist forms. High quality and precision of workmanship, as well as competitive prices, guarantee the satisfaction of each user. LoftLight products can be purchased in online stores as well as in many lighting stores.

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