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Lamps made of plywood by the Polish brand PlyStudio

Plystudio is a Polish company that successfully supplies the lighting market with products that fall outside of any pattern. The brand is created by talented and experienced architects and designers who make every effort to ensure that all products combine unique design, excellent workmanship, as well as functionality and comfort of use. A characteristic feature of lighting products from Plystudio is an unusual material - plywood - arranged in geometric, effective shapes. Each lamp is made one hundred per cent by hand and on the individual order of the customer. As it is made of natural plywood, individual lamps in the same models may slightly differ from each other due to the naturally occurring knots and wood grain. When ordering a lamp from Plystuio, you can be sure that it will be a unique, original and one-of-a-kind product.

Plystudio lamps prove that wooden plywood can be used to create various arrangement solutions, suited to various interior styles and to any room. The offer includes hanging lamps stylized as classic chandeliers, slightly Scandinavian lampshades, which also perfectly hang in the boho style. Each time they look a bit different, but they will always attract eyes and delight with their unusual workmanship. The great advantage of Plystudio lamps is the use of modern LED technologies, thanks to which the lighting is not only effective but also ecological and energy-saving. The lamps are solidly made with attention to the smallest details. Their openwork form adds lightness to the interior, and at the same time, they perfectly filter the light and spread it throughout the interior. Plystudio is plywood lamps that are definitely impressive and will be perfect for any room. Hanging lamps can be the main source of light, provide good illumination of selected surfaces, such as tables or countertops, and also be a unique interior decoration.

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