Warranty Time

All our products are new, from legal imports or having their suppliers or importers in the country.
Products from our offer are given 12 months Warranty from manufacturers, suppliers or seller, starting from purchase date.
If for some reason the product you purchased has a defect, please use the instructions below. If you want to complain about a Damaged Parcel follow this link.

How to start the complaint process?

To avoid confusion when submitting a complaint, do not send the products without contacting us. Like you, we want to handle complaint as fast as possible, follow the procedure below.

1. Take photos

Take a few photos of the damaged product and its packaging (particulary damaged place). It will help us a lot!

2. Fill in the form

Fill in the On-line form or use the PDF version to fill out by yourself.

3. Wait for contact

Wait for the contact from our Complaint Department, we will inform you about the start of the complaint process by email.

Read carefully!

  • Take a few photos of the damaged product - preferably 2 or 3 photos from a distance (approx. 1-2 meters) and approximately 20-30 cm from the defected place. Then please attach photos to the form or send them to us via SMS / MMS.
  • Hold for a moment from sending us broken item, maybe we just need to send the replacement parts.
  • Please give us a few days to gather all information and consult your issue with Manufacturer.
  • If it is necessary to deliver damaged product, we will arrange the delivery with you.
  • Thank you for your attention to the issues that are important for handling your complaint in a proper way.

To fill out the Complaint Form follow this link.

Shipping address for complaints (unless otherwise agreed):

Aleja Korfantego 191 Budynek C
40-153 Katowice, Poland

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