Orto Teak concrete Wall Lamp

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    109,00 zł
    Height: 28 cmDiameter: 23 cmMaterial: woodColour: white, brown, black/woodAesthetic modern wooden bin Woodrow, designed for users ethno style. Bin does not have a cover, so it is recommended throwing organic products. It is perfect for the office, office or waiting room.

    189,00 zł
    Height:  45,5 cmMaterial: metal, MDFColour: black, light wood

    95,00 zł
    Height:  45,5 cmWidth:  44 cmDepth:  45,5 cmMaterial: metalColour: black

    49,00 zł
    Height: 34 cmWidth: 17 cmDepth: 33 cmMaterial: polypropyleneColour:  white/black/red/silver

    69,00 zł
    Height: 31 cmDiameter: 31 cmMaterial: plastic – ABSColour: black, white, redRemarkable warped form of trash "BIN BIN" makes that this everyday object becomes a room decoration. Even so usual element like this trash can become an object that will catch the eye of others.

    230,00 zł
    Height: 76 cmWidth: 41 cmDepth: 26 cmMaterial: fabric/ metalColour:  gray/ white