• Pendant Lamps

    A wide range of Pendant lamps with interesting styling and an original design. Ideal fulfilling its role as a kitchen lamps and for all kinds of interiors.

  • Wall lamps

    A wide range of wall lights, lamps allowing their mounting on walls. We offer wall lamps to business premises as well as those more aesthetically pleasing interiors of residential and office space.

  • Floor Lamps

    We offer stylish floor and standing lamps to match any interior. Ideal fulfill its role as a lamp for the living room, bedroom or office.

  • Ceiling Lamps

    A wide range of interesting stylized ceiling lamps, which are flat lamps placed on the ceiling.

  • Table Lamps

    A wide range of stylish table and desk lamps with high aesthetics, matching different types of interiors. Small size lamps easily integrate into all interiors including modern and industrial style.

  • Technical lighting

    Technical lighting

    for commercial interiors such as shops, exhibitions and public utilities. Lighting is characterized by longevity and high quality. Technical lamps give your room a professional look.

  • Industrial Lamps |...

    Lofts are interiors stylized as an old industrial facility. Such designs simply has to have a dedicated industrial lamp – BlowUpDesign offers both industrial and loft lamps in a very wide range of products: from little and simple raw lamps up until huge, original designs right from the production line. Our offer will fit inside every interior, making it an industrial piece of art.

  • Concrete Lamps

    Concrete Lamps and Gypsum Lamps.

    Concrete - also known as artificial stone, concrete was developed and was used in the construction industry in Assyria, then in ancient Rome .. so the theory. Concrete is not a material lightweight and portable, but deserves our attention by slip out of those assigned characteristics. Present a collection of concrete furniture, many of which impresses with its simplicity, also being the "tolerably" heavy. Classic construction and filling of large urban spaces sneaks into your house in a little less concrete form of furniture.

    Concrete Lamps no regard for conventions - are unusual lighting, which in a very interesting way to highlight the modern spaces.

  • Wood Lamps

    A lamp made of classic wood presents itself as well as an elegant chair or table. Wooden lamps are untypical design that gains more and more popularity across the world. They will bring an original character inside the interior – their style fits perfectly with other things inside the room, yet their overall originality and look will catch the eye of every guest.

  • Copper Lamps

    Copper and brass lamps

    are very stylish and also practical lighting. Copper color creates and atmosphere of warm and elegance in every place it comes to. The lamps listed below are a perfect addition to an industrial and loft designs, but not only to those – brass and copper lamps will fit greatly in every interior because of the versatility of their style and color.

  • Glass Lamps

    Glass is the most classic material, from which the lighting is made of. In our offer you can find glass lamps for every occasion: huge chandeliers, decorative shades, small pendant lamps designed for personal space, as well as extraordinary elegant models for areas designed for guests – our glass lamps will create a stylish atmosphere in every kind of interior.

  • Cage Lamps

    We’re offering you cage lamps that will not limit your space, but rather do just the opposite – expand the horizons of and elegant design. It is a specific type of lamps, in which the bulb is “surrounded” by the shade, which spreads the light all across the area, creating a dynamic game of shades and lights. Cage lamps are a great way to create a dynamic lighting inside an interior design.

  • LED Lamps

    LED lamps

    have much longer vitality and are more effective that standard incandescent lamps – they consume less energy to produce light, which makes operating costs much cheaper. LED lamps lights themselves with maximum brightness in less than a second, while also remaining unimpressed to frequent switching on and off. All this makes them great inside technical lamps and those with movement sensor.

  • Scandinavian Lamps

    Scandinavian lamps

    are well known for their simple forms and unified color. Some of them stand out with additional, small elements like wood, however in majority, they stand as a one big, harmonious whole. Scandinavian lamps are made with true elegance and versatility – their shapes will highlight every interior, while becoming a stylish addition to the overall effect.

  • Outdoor Lighting

    Outdoor lamps

    are very practical lighting resistant for weather conditions, thus giving it a wide range of usage. Our garden lamps will perfectly light up your neighborhood: property entrance, paths leading to front door and garage, as well as benches, bowers and other places designed for social goals. They will also light up your garden, turning the guests attention onto this very prideful place.

  • Bulbs

    Decorative bulb

    is a very simple way to make a designer lamp even more beautiful and even more interesting. We offer you bulbs with unusual look and style that will provide bright and warm light, making your interior design even more interesting – for both you and all your guests.

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