For centuries, wood has been used in construction and interior design. No wonder - it is a natural material, accessible and giving great arrangement possibilities. In interior design, not only wooden furniture and floors are popular, but also accessories. In a modern design, wooden lamps have their permanent place, which can be perfectly adapted to the needs of a specific room.

Trends in interior design change quite often and there is something different in every season. However, apart from the constantly appearing novelties, you can also find elements that never go out of fashion because they are timeless and can be adapted to any arrangement.Wooden lamps They are perfect in this respect - they fit both traditional classics, retro and vintage styles, as well as Scandinavian, modernist or loft interiors. Wood has many faces, and you can create traditional accessories and interestingly designed lamps that look great and attract attention.

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Wooden pendant lamps

Lighting in each room consists of at least several elements - main, additional and typically decorative light. When looking for the main source of light, it is worth paying attention to pendant lamps made of wood. Most often they are designed in such a way that they can be easily adapted to the needs of a specific room. Kitchen pendant lampsthey also look perfect in a wooden version. They look great in traditional kitchens dominated by wood and classic elegance. Lamps are best hung above the table or over the worktop, thanks to which they will provide the right level of light in places where it is most needed.

The wood is durable, warm and functional

Wooden pendant lamps for the kitchen or the room are a huge selection and a whole lot of arrangement possibilities. Manufacturers of modern lighting make sure that each client can choose the lighting that will suit their individual needs one hundred percent. Among the pendant wooden lamps, we can find both minimalist forms of lighting with one light source, and very extensive lamps for several bulbs, which will perfectly illuminate even a large and spacious interior. Interesting forms and warmth flowing from wood allow you to create effective lighting arrangements in any interior. Wooden lamps they are also perfect in the kitchen or bathroom, i.e. in places where there is a high impact of moisture. However, the wood used to create the lamps is properly prepared and impregnated, which allows for high durability and resistance to difficult conditions.

Lampa ze sklejki wisząca Forest Aldex

Users who like designer lamps will surely find something for themselves among the lighting made of plywood. Contrary to appearances, plywood is very plastic and allows you to create many interesting and unique forms and shapes.Plywood lamps can be both pendant and floor, or in the form of wall lamps. Plywood is delicate, light and openwork, and lamps made of it are perfect for modern Scandinavian interiors. They can also be used as lighting on the terrace or in the garden - wood fits perfectly with natural greenery.

LED lighting

Among wooden lamps, you can also find a lot of LED lamps, thanks to which you can get a very decorative and atmospheric light. Lamps made in LED technology can be placed on walls and ceilings, they allow you to adjust the lighting in terms of intensity or colour of light. What's more, LED technology gives great energy efficiency, because LED lamps consume little energy from the electrical network. By investing in modern lamps made of traditional wood, you can get effective lighting in any interior and profit from electricity bills.

Drewniana lampa podłogowa Fletcher Markslojd

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Drewniana lampa stołowa z szarym abażurem Rocker
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