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Polish lamps from the Emibig brand

Emibig lamps are a one hundred per cent Polish brand that focuses on unique, unconventional projects, professional workmanship and attention to all details of the offered lighting. The small family business is based in Częstochowa, but in ten years of its existence, it has managed to conquer almost all of Europe. Emibig lighting products are sold not only in Poland but also in Germany, Russia, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia, Italy and many other countries. Customers value primarily creative solutions and combining interesting, design ideas with innovative technical innovations.

The great advantage of Emibig lamps is their diversity. Brand designers consistently adhere to the principle: the highest quality and usability, but in many versions. The Emibig lighting collection includes lamps inspired by classic solutions, as well as modern lighting in a modern, industrial-style or lamps in a minimalist version. Most of the materials are metal, wire mesh and high-quality plastics. The colours of the Emibig lamps are rather subdued - the offer includes black, white, metal-coloured lamps with small additions of stronger colour accents. Calm colours, on the other hand, give a huge field to show off when it comes to design, shapes and finishing elements. Each Emibig lamp is a real work of designer art. It is not only lighting but also a decoration that can be the main design motif in an interior.

New models are constantly appearing in the Emibig brand's offer, and thus - customers receive an increasing selection. Emibig lighting is eagerly chosen not only by individual customers but also by interior design companies. Solid workmanship, precision and great decorative solutions make the lamps blend in perfectly with other interior design elements. Emibig lamps are perfect for both representative and utility interiors.

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