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Polish lamps from the Kolorowe Kable brand

The Polish brand of Kolor Kable stands out in the lighting market with its exceptional attention to detail, with particular emphasis on the fact that at the final stage the lamps are assembled by hand. The offered products reflect the inspiration coming from nature and Japanese culture. The lighting mosaic of Kolorowe Kable is primarily the idea of ​​combining simplicity with minimalism. At the same time, unusual but obvious forms are preserved. The assortment includes hanging lamps whose lampshade is made of glass creates a harmonious combination with an oak or ash frame. In addition to single overhangs, the offer also includes double and triple versions.

The concept of transferring the Japanese tradition and unusual style to the interior resulted in the creation of an unusual collection of Loft Ovoi lamps. The leitmotif is Kokeshi dolls, the model of which is the mild shape of the lampshade with a choice of cable colours, making it a perfect match for many interiors. The Kolorowe Kable brand also means lighting that matches the Scandinavian style, where wooden balls in a white braid coherently create a cosy interior. In turn, the Loft Sfarer collection is a composition of pendant lamps made of beech balls. Strung on a coloured cable and topped with a traditional light bulb, they create elegant jewellery among the lighting. The manufacturer allows you to choose the colour of the cable according to the customer's requirements, thanks to which everyone has the opportunity to obtain a unique lamp.

The Kolorowe Kable offer also includes wall lamps, a metal frame and a lamp holder of which combined with a decorative bulb will complement the loft-style arrangement. The authors of the collection also went a step further by creating a product for those who appreciate natural materials. The result of this idea are lamps with a wooden frame and hemp rope with a wooden masking frame. However, if someone appreciates the simplicity and economy of forms, above all, check the Loft Metal Line collection. The severity of the hanging lamps is ensured by a cable in a coloured braid and a light bulb with varnished elements. The manufacturer offers a wide range of colours, from various shades of red and pink, through sea blue and juicy green, to black and grey.

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