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Glass lamps of the Polish brand Ummo

Under the futuristic name UMMO there are a couple of friends who are united by minimalism presented in a black and white version. Mariusz and Michał, the founders of the brand, are also co-creators of Kolorowe Kable. Here, however, they break out of patterns to create a unique lighting brush with simplicity and a love for design.

The range of the UMMO brand includes almost 30 models of lamps with milky glass balls topped with a deep black metal structure. Each product is carefully made and the materials are of exceptional quality. The final stage of assembling the lamps is done by hand, which guarantees the highest care for customer satisfaction.

Both pendant lamps, ceiling lamps and wall lamps are classic forms that allow you to introduce wonderful lighting into modern interiors. Designers are inspired not only by industrial styles and geometry. Often the leitmotif for the creation of a new design is the environment. This is how the Anga lamp collection was created. By mapping the dome of the Lighthouse in Gdańsk, a lamp with a lighting heart framed in a cage was created. In turn, the determinant of the creation of products in the Borra and Enkel collections were the meanings of words translated from Swedish. The lamps are characterized by a simple design line while emphasizing the nature of the lighting in the interior. The Fyllo collection is also captivating with its avant-garde, thanks to its metal "delicate" leaves. These lamps will give expression to any interior decorated in a glamorous style.

An unusual solution is a reference to lamps from the Gladio collection. Here, the inspiration was the "sword", which allows for lighting that gives a note of aggressiveness to any bedroom or living room in the boho or Scandi style. The UMMO brand hides many secrets and intriguing inspirations. The product range of Gdańsk designers is an extraordinary decoration for anyone who appreciates not only quality but most of all modern and unconventional solutions.

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